Planning a trip by plane? Check the entry conditions carefully

The Bratislava airport prevented around 80 passengers from boarding in October because they lacked the necessary documents.

The airport in Bratislava reopened.The airport in Bratislava reopened. (Source: TASR)

Passengers planning to travel abroad by plane should carefully check the entry conditions at their final destination. Otherwise, they might not be allowed to board the plane, the Bratislava airport has warned.

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In October, nearly 80 passengers were not allowed to board their flights, mostly because they did not have PCR or antigen test results or a Public Health Passenger Locator Form.

“Every airline publishes the entry conditions for countries on their websites and when purchasing the plane ticket, passengers confirm that they agree with the travel conditions of a given airline that include the Covid measures of respective countries,” the Bratislava airport wrote on its website.

Apart from that, passengers are required to fill in the e-form published on the Transport Ministry's website and register with eHranica (if passengers plan to fly back to Slovakia).

Airport checks the conditions

The fulfilment of conditions set by a respective country and airline are checked directly at the airport. If the airport employees fail to check if passengers have the necessary documents, they could be denied entrance at their destination.

Subsequently, they might be stalled and sent back to the country of departure, the Bratislava airport stressed, adding that the checks are binding for them and they need to fulfil the steps set by the airlines.

The entry conditions to all countries are published on the Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry's website, but only in Slovak. The Slovak Spectator also looked at the conditions for entering selected countries.

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Passengers entering the airport are also required to cover their mouths and noses with FFPR/KN95 respirator masks, both in the building and on the plane. The Bratislava airport recommends using the contactless check-in option.

Conditions for entering Slovakia can be found here.

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