Travels abroad possible despite lockdown

Still, people have to carefully check the entry conditions for their final destination, as well as Slovakia.

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Despite Slovakia imposing a two-week, all-out lockdown, those travelling abroad are exempt from the curfew.

“We can’t prevent people from travelling abroad,” said chief hygienist Ján Mikas.

Even though he does not recommend travels for recreational purposes, stressing that trips abroad should be mostly for family or work-related purposes, he added that he cannot prevent people from going on holidays to another country.

Still, he stressed that those who decide to go abroad should check the entry conditions for their final destination properly. This includes when travelling by plane, or when taking others to airports in neighbouring countries.

When travelling to Slovakia, it is necessary to adhere to the currently valid rules which stipulate that people who are not fully vaccinated against Covid have to undergo 10-day self-isolation and testing.

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Travel within Slovakia

The cabinet decided that when going out into nature (including when participating in individual sports), people should not leave the borders of their district. There are exceptions for the inhabitants of the city of Bratislava who can travel around the entire Bratislava Region, and the inhabitants of Košice who can also go to the Košice-okolie district and vice-versa.

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People can travel to a different district in the following cases:

  • travel to and from work in a different district;
  • travel to and from school in a different district;
  • visits to doctors in a different district;
  • travel to care for dependent relatives who live in a different district;
  • travel to a place where you want to self-isolate, if this place is located in a different district;
  • travel to a holiday house situated in a different district, if you own it.

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