Employers will start testing unvaccinated employees on Monday

The Economy Ministry issued the manual on Friday afternoon, one day after it was supposed to.

KošiceKošice (Source: TASR)

The Economy Ministry issued a manual for employers on testing unvaccinated employees on the afternoon of Friday, November 26. This manual will serve as a guide for employers when testing unvaccinated workers or those who have not recently overcome Covid-19. By Monday, November 29, when the testing begins, employers must procure antigen tests, secure suitable premises and a responsible person, and also take care of the disposal of testing waste.

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Originally, the ministry was scheduled to publish the manual on Thursday, November 25, when the cabinet agreed on employee testing at their session on Wednesday.

Only workers who are vaccinated, have surpassed Covid-19 or have tested negative for Covid-19 can enter the workplace as of Monday, November 29. The new rules should apply until the end of the year, but they could be extended depending on the development of the pandemic situation in Slovakia.

Test results must not be older than seven days. The antigen self-tests, during which a person's nose is swabbed, must be performed under the supervision of an authorised person chosen by the employer to oversee its proper execution and keep records of the results. Employers can also use tests from mobile collection sites, namely antigen, LAMP and PCR tests.

Antigen self-tests are available in pharmacies, other companies or in quantities exceeding 1,000 pieces directly at the drug distributor. The company Unipharma - 1. slovenská lekárnická akciová manages the economic mobilisation of self-testing supplies.

Employers must secure the personal protective equipment required to perform self-tests as well as the subsequent disposal of the waste.

“Costs of the antigen self-test will be compensated by the state with €5 per tested employee,” reads the manual.

Costs associated with testing will be compensated with €1 per tested employee once a week. Employers can apply for a one-off compensation through the Economy Ministry in January.

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