Green pass, Covid pass, Covid certificate. Which do you need when?

Check out the differences between various passes issued in relation to Covid-19.

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Several Covid-related documents and certificates have been issued in Slovakia.

To distinguish between them, the National Health Information Centre (NCZI) has prepared an easy guide.

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Covid-19 pass

  • a nine-figure code containing numbers, letters and dashes;
  • every person receives it after registering for testing or vaccination through the website or a private lab;
  • the code is sent in a text message and/or an email.

EU Digital Covid Pass (or EU green pass)

  • a document generated from one's vaccination records or proof of recovery from Covid following a request submitted via;
  • also in the form of a QR code;
  • it is used as proof of vaccination, recovery or testing (for the OTP regime).

(Important notes)

  • the document proving recovery can be generated only based on a positive PCR test result, not antigen test;
  • the document is generated only after the end of self-isolation, i.e. after app. 12 days;
  • the document can be requested through the website or can be found in the mobile app of health insurers.

GreenPass app

  • a Slovak government-provided mobile app where EU Digital Covid Certificates can be downloaded.


  • an online form used for the registration of people coming to Slovakia from abroad.

(Important notes)

  • it is necessary to carefully check all information submitted through the form. If the data is wrong, the information can be corrected only by contacting the respective regional health authority (RÚVZ);
  • if one does not have a Slovak birth number, they can choose another identifier. People should not submit various identifiers for various registrations because then two Covid-19 passes will be generated;
  • if one does not receive a text message or email after submitting the form, it means something has gone wrong.

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