People with contraindications to Covid vaccine fall under vaccinated/recovered regime

They need confirmation of contraindication and a negative test.

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The Health Ministry has specified the rules for people who cannot get vaccinated against Covid. People with a contraindication to the vaccine can obtain a certificate of exception from the vaccine. This will be issued by their doctor to register them in the system.

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Together with a negative test result, these people will fall under the OP regime, which stands for vaccinated and recovered in Slovakia. PCR tests will be free for those people.

A doctor-specialist, general practitioner or paediatrician may determine if there is a contraindication to vaccination. The doctor will issue the certificate and register the patient in the system.

The central register of contraindicated people will ensure contraindications to the vaccine against COVID-19 are sufficiently and responsibly assessed, the ministry noted. Doctors are responsible for incorrect or false contraindications. The certificate includes a QR code.

How to gain a certificate of exception from vaccination

  • Contact and consult your doctor (either a specialist, general practitioner or paediatrician) if you have any contraindications.
  • Your doctor is responsible for determining the legitimacy of the contraindication.
  • Your doctor will create a Record About Contraindication in the information system of the app e-Vaccination/e-Waiting room and he or she will approve this record, print it, sign and stamp it, and give it to you.
  • Included in the certificate is data about the patient, data about the health insurer and person who confirmed the document and also a QR code to verify the authenticity of the document.
  • A person with such a certificate is put among people in the OP regime, which includes vaccinated and recovered people in Slovakia, but a negative test result is also needed.
  • The negative result of a PCR test cannot be older than 72 hours while a rapid test cannot be older than 48 hours. The PCR test is free for people with contraindications when registering via
  • If a person has a temporary contraindication (serious acute illness, for example) the document shall state the necessary reassessment of the persistence of the contraindication immediately after the stabilisation of the condition, at least once every 3 months.
  • A person with a contraindication to the vaccine will be identified by a Contraindication Record + test; in this case, they will be placed among those who are vaccinated or have recovered from the disease (OP).

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