Slovak households are increasingly interested in green electricity

They are most interested in green solar power generated in Slovakia.

A solar energy array in SlovakiaA solar energy array in Slovakia (Source: Sme)

The demand for green electricity among Slovak households is increasing from year to year. ZSE Energia, the largest household electricity supplier in Slovakia controlling a market share of almost 40 percent, saw a strong increase in interest in 100 percent green electricity last year. More than 85,000 household customers already use green electricity from the company.

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“The share of coal as a source of electricity in our energy mix is 7.47 percent while the share of natural gas is 15.46 percent. This means that together they will save 25,000 tons of coal a year, more than 8 million cubic metres of natural gas, and prevent the emission of 41,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide,” said Michaela Dobošová, spokesperson for ZSE Energia, as cited by the SITA newswire. ZSE controls a market share of almost 40 percent.

ZSE Energia, the majority of whose customers are in western Slovakia, guarantees 100 percent green electricity with guarantees of origin. Households can even choose whether their green electricity comes from water in Slovakia, solar energy produced in Slovakia, biomass, or wind. Alternatively, they can choose classic green electricity without a source distinction.

“The greatest interest is in green solar power from Slovakia,” said Dobošová.

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