On a loop trail outside Brehy, hikers become miners

A hike to Hulín in central Slovakia is not demanding. The traces of local mining history are part of the trail.

The Hulín hill outside the village of Brehy in central Slovakia.The Hulín hill outside the village of Brehy in central Slovakia. (Source: Región Gron)

Although it is not a high peak, a hike to the hill called Hulín, above the Brehy village in central Slovakia, is well worth it.

Explore Slovakia with our travel guides. Explore Slovakia with our travel guides.

The 650-metre-high hilltop, one of many in the Štiavnické Vrchy hills, also known as White Rock (Biela Skala), is easily accessible when following the yellow-marked trail. Its starting point is where the village begins.

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Three hilltops

As the trail goes on, the first interesting stop is a cross on the calvary hill, which was built there in 2019. From this point, hikers can reach Kališný Vrch hill, which is topped with a cross, and then return to the yellow-marked trail.

Through meadows and old trees, it takes about 90 minutes to hike along the 3-kilometre-long trail and reach Hulín. At the top of the hill, hikers can take a break and sit on a bench, soaking in the views of Štiavnické Vrchy and the panorama of the town of Nová Baňa.

The hike then continues to a crossroad. Hikers can either walk for 30 minutes to the Chlm hill or continue from the crossroad straight to Schlosberg, following the green-marked hiking trail.


It takes about 45 minutes to reach this site with scattered remains of medieval mining activities. The best-preserved adit is called Johann De Deo. It is accessible but at people’s own risk, the regional tourism organisation Región Gron points out.

From Schlosberg it takes four kilometres to return to Brehy again, either by walking along the asphalt road or unmarked forest path above the road. There is the Uhliarka spring by the road as well, which people can refresh themselves with.

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In the village, tourists will find the more than 200-year-old Fabkovie House with a thatched roof and pottery museum by the car park. The museum is opened based on a prior agreement with its owners.

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