General prosecutor signs Moscow cooperation agreement with sanctioned Russian counterpart

The cooperation is valid 2022 and 2023.

Maroš ŽilinkaMaroš Žilinka (Source: SITA)

The General Prosecutor’s offices of Slovakia and Russia have decided on mutual cooperation.

General Prosecutor Maroš Žilinka and his deputy Jozef Kandera signed the cooperation agreement during Žilinka's work trip to Moscow.

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“The general prosecutors agreed that signing this programme of cooperation is not only a formal act but its implementation will bring balanced and constructive cooperation at an expert level,” Dalibor Skladan, spokesperson for the General Prosecutor’s office, told the TASR newswire.

The cooperation should be implemented in the years 2022 and 2023. It applies to the fields of corruption, extremism, cyber-criminality, ecological crimes as well as the protection of dependent children and people with health disabilities.

Žilinka was criticised in Slovakia for travelling to Moscow to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Russian prosecutor’s office. Russian General Prosecutor Igor Krasnov is on the sanction list of the EU for violating human rights.

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The spokesperson said that Žilinka and Kandera participated in the anniversary celebrations “together with representatives of the prosecutor’s offices and justice ministries from more than 30 countries, such as Belgium, Bosna and Herzegovina, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia.”

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Žilinka negotiated the mutual cooperation with the General Prosecutor of Slovenia Drago Šketa. He also met with President of the International Association of Prosecutors Cheol-Kyu Hwang. The Slovak delegation of the General Prosecutor’s Office visited the Slovak Embassy in Moscow too.

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