One in 10 Slovaks earned under €800 gross a month in 2021

At the same time, one in 10 Slovaks earned three times more.

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The median salary in Slovakia amounted to €1,288 gross in 2021. This means that 50 percent of people working in the country had a lower basic salary, as stems from a recent analysis of the website, which runs under the Profesia recruitment company.

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In addition, one in 10 Slovaks earned less than €800 last year. Of this figure, those who do not have children and did not use the non-taxable part of the tax base received a monthly net salary of less than €632.

On the other hand, one in 10 Slovaks had a salary exceeding €2,450 gross. These people earned more than €1,790 net a month if they had no children and did not use the non-taxable part of the tax base.

Regional differences

The comparison of salary medians in regions showed a big difference between the capital and the rest of Slovakia.

While in Bratislava and its surroundings, about half of its people earned less than €1,520, the median in other regions oscillated between €1,000 (Prešov Region) and €1,200 (Trnava Region).

In Prešov Region, only 10 percent of employees with the highest salary earned more than €1,600 gross. In Bratislava, those receiving the highest salaries earned more than €2,950.

Higher education widens the gap

The regional differences are even deeper in the case of employees with a university education.

About half of such employees in Bratislava Region had salaries lower than €1,750 gross last year, while in Prešov Region, the median was only about €1,100 gross. The closest region to the Slovak capital in this respect is Košice, where the salary median of university-educated employees amounted to €1,620 gross last year.

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Profesia's statistics suggest that Košice Region has the second-highest number of job offers requiring a university education, after Bratislava. One of the reasons the salary median is so high might be that up to one-third of the offers in the region are IT-related.

In Bratislava, IT job offers represent only 23 percent of all job offers requiring a university education.

As for secondary school education, the gaps also remain quite big. This is not the case for jobs where secondary education without a school-leaving exam (maturita in Slovak) is required.

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