Can you conquer all these Trenčín Region landmarks in less than a year?

Vrchárska Koruna Trenčianska comes back for the seventh time.

The Three Crosses Memorial on the Stratenec peak in the Trenčín Region.The Three Crosses Memorial on the Stratenec peak in the Trenčín Region. (Source: Facebook/Vrchárska Koruna Trenčianska)

Every year people get on their bikes or decide to walk, often with their dogs, to hilltops scattered around the Trenčín Region to complete the Vrchárska Koruna Trenčianska challenge.

Inspired by a similar event held in a Czech region neighbouring Slovakia, the challenge was held in Slovakia for the sixth time last year. A total of 55 hikers and 154 bikers – not only from the region - partook in the event organised by Paľo Babica, Rado Tilandy and Mišo Barták.

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Traipse through a region tangled in tales of romance, torture and prestige with the Trenčín Region Travel Guide. Traipse through a region tangled in tales of romance, torture and prestige with the Trenčín Region Travel Guide. (Source: Spectacular Slovakia)

Another edition, which includes 20 hills, has now been announced.

Half-year challenge

Although the number of hills, and interesting spots in them, is not endless in the region, nine new places have been added to the 2022 list.

This includes, for example, the former military tower Jelenec in the White Carpathians and the peak known as Kamenné Vráta (Stone Gate), which is located near the Trenčianske Teplice spa town.

People can conquer all the places on the list as part of the winter challenge lasting until the end of March or within the half-year challenge, which will run between April 10 and the last day of November.

For people with disabilities

The event is open to people living with a disability as well. “We recommend the places to which the asphalt road leads,” organisers said. People in this category must visit at least five places off the list.

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“It is necessary to take pictures at each of the places,” organisers added.

In addition to the participant’s face and their bike, if they decide to complete the challenge in the category of bikers, the correct photo must include an identifier of every place included in this year’s challenge.

Once participants complete the challenge, they must fill in a form online, including the attachment of their photos, or send an e-mail to organisers.

Apart from three main categories, organisers will award the oldest and the youngest participant for the the best photo, as well as the most active family to name some of the subcategories.

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“We believe that we will accomplish the goal of promoting our ‘Trenčiansko’ region, our beautiful hills, as well as valleys, people, their customs, and regional delicacies,” concluded organisers.

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