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Trenčianska univerzita Alexandra Dubčeka v Trenčíne

Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín is a young, fast-growing university that provides high-quality education in a wide range of scientific disciplines focused on special technology, material and environmental engineering, management, regional economy, political science, healthcare, art and design in all three levels of higher education study – Bachelor‘s, Master‘s and Doctoral.

As a young institution of higher education, Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín is open, full of creative energy, and ready to take on new challenges and to respond flexibly to the current needs of society and the labour market. It is a significant centre of science and research as well as human capital, not only in the Trenčín Region but also in the common European Higher Education Area.

The primary goal of the university is to enhance education through developing and fostering creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork and students' professionalism with respect to the labour market trends.

Due to its strategic position, the town of Trenčín is an important centre of trade, economy, culture and sport. Various institutions and companies have established their headquarters here. In addition, a long-term tradition of fairs and exhibitions exists in Trenčín; the city is also known as a fashion city.

Under the Erasmus+ programme and the implementation of joint scientific research projects, educators and students regularly carry out internships and exchange studies funded by the European Commission in the following countries: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Trenčianska univerzita Alexandra Dubčeka v Trenčíne

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