News digest: Jabs abroad no longer a problem

Triage tents set up outside hospitals. Inflation rose much more than expected in January.

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Good evening. The Thursday, February 3 edition of Today in Slovakia is ready, giving you the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

Vaccination in Slovakia now possible after previous jabs abroad

The Health Ministry and National Health Information Centre (NCZI) claim that they have solved a major problem for foreigners and Slovaks who got their Covid-19 jabs abroad.

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What had been a complex and lengthy process to get recognition of their vaccination, and, therefore, allow them to get further jabs, should now be at an end.

As of February 9, anyone who got a previous jab abroad and wants a second or third jab in Slovakia, can go to a vaccination centre without registration, bringing with them an affidavit and confirmation of their vaccination.

After receiving a second or third dose in Slovakia, anyone who was previously vaccinated abroad can apply online at for an EU Digital Covid Pass, in which only the dose administered in Slovakia will be recorded.

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Photo of the day

Extensive restoration work has been carried out in recent years at the Church of St John the Baptist in the village of Liptovský Ján in the Žilina Region. Restoration workers found old paintings under a thick layer of newer plaster.

Feature story for today

“The Himalayas and mountains taught me humility, which for me means an acknowledgement of, and respect for, universally valid principles such as gravity and balance,” Zoltán Demján says in the opening scene of the film ‘Dhaulagiri Is My Everest’.

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In other news

  • MPs approved an amendment of the university law in a first reading in parliament and sent it for a second reading.
  • The Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party wants to convene a round table on February 15, with the participation of political parties and all churches, to address the separation of the Church from the state. This is due to the fact that, although there are fewer believers than previously, according to the census, the Church will continue to receive the same amount of funds as before.
  • An extraordinary parliamentary session on energy prices and the Saber Strike multinational exercise will not go ahead. MPs failed to approve a programme for the session, which was initiated by the opposition party Smer and lawmakers in a grouping headed by non-affiliated MP Tomáš Taraba.
  • A judge at the Specialised Criminal Court in Pezinok has dismissed charges against businessman Zoroslav Kollár and Tomáš Rajecký, associated with the Piťovci gang, Kollár's lawyers said. The verdict is not yet final, and the case will go to the Supreme Court.
  • Inflation in Slovakia and the Eurozone rose much more than expected in January. In Slovakia, it might have increased by as much as 8.5 percent year-on-year, according to Eurostat data. This would be the biggest rise since December 2003.
  • Another streaming service, SkyShowtime, will come to Slovakia this year. It will offer content from Universal Pictures, Sky Studios, Peacock, Showtime, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon.

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