News digest: Slovakia declares state of emergency, arrival of NATO troops confirmed

Slovakia is deciding on the potential expulsion of Russian diplomats. The Foreign Ministry warns against travelling to Moldova and some regions of Belarus and Russia.

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Good evening. With the situation developing fast in Slovakia, we are publishing a special issue of our daily news digest.

How Slovakia is responding to the war in Ukraine

A state of emergency applies in Slovakia as of noon on February 26. It was declared in connection to the mass influx of foreigners fleeing from the war in Ukraine.

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NATO troops from Germany and the Netherlands will strengthen the defence of Slovakia's eastern border, Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď confirmed. He added that the air protection missile system Patriot will arrive in Slovakia with NATO troops. He has also requested another defence system.

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There are Slovaks stuck in Ukraine. How will they get home? It is not possible to leave Ukraine by plane; civilian flights have been suspended for at least 13 days. Trains travelling between Slovakia and Ukraine have also been suspended while traffic jams persist at the borders.

MPs gave a green light to the amendments to the law on civil protection, the law on asylum and the law on cyber security. The changes have already been signed by President Zuzana Čaputová.

As refugees from Ukraine continue to cross Slovakia’s eastern border, people living in Slovakia are standing in solidarity with their neighbours and offering help. They are organising themselves on social media, sharing contact details, establishing financial or material collections, providing accommodation and picking up people at the border.

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Photo for today

A temporary camp for refugees fleeing Ukraine was established in Humenné near the Slovak-Ukrainian border.

More security-related news

  • Slovakia is deciding on the potential expulsion of Russian diplomats, PM Eduard Heger confirmed. He added that this step is being coordinated at the European level to ensure proper timing. “We will not be hesitant,” he said. “It is only about coordination so we send a clear and strong signal to stop this aggression.”
  • Slovakia is negotiating on the cancellation of the operation of Russian Mig-29 fighter jets, said Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď after Saturday government’s session, adding that Slovakia’s airspace should be protected by a geographically close ally. “There are specific negotiations ongoing to very quickly end the operation of Mig-29 in Sliač and thank technicians who are there and send them back to Russia,” he said.
  • The Slovak Embassy in Kyiv is still operating with minimum staff under the management of Ambassador Marek Šafin. Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok said that besides Slovaks, other nationals are seeking help from the Slovak Embassy. “We will help anyone within the capacities of our embassy,” Korčok said.
  • Prešov Region will provide free transport for Ukrainian citizens who arrive in Slovakia due to the exceptional situation at the Slovak-Ukrainian border. Free transport applies as of Saturday until further notice. Bus company Arriva Michalovce has started providing free transport to Ukrainian refugees from the border crossing Vyšné Nemecké.
  • The Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry recommends Slovak citizens avoid travelling to the Gomel and Brest Regions in Belarus, Bryansk Oblast, Kursk Oblast, Belgorod Oblast, Voronezh Oblast, Rostov Oblast and Krasnodar Oblast in Russia, and Moldova. The ministry also recommends Slovaks reconsider travelling to other Russian regions.
  • Defence Minister Naď warns against fake text messages some people in Slovakia have received calling on civilian inhabitants to mobilise reserves. He said that it is a coordinated system designed to scare people and that security units are investigating the case.
  • Police warn that the Russian intelligence service can conduct online attacks against Slovakia aimed, for example, at individuals and state institutions, media or other organisations. The police explain that the disinformation war is still ongoing in Slovakia and Russia is trying to impact Slovaks’ perception of reality.

  • A concert organised by Slovak Pohoda Festival in support of Ukraine will take place on February 27, 15:00 at the Main Square in Bratislava. “We want to express solidarity with people in Ukraine,” said Michal Kaščák, director of the festival. “Free art is best developed in free countries and we know that our friends in Ukraine are trying to attempt the same.“

For more details about the situation in Slovakia following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, follow

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