How business service centres impact people’s lives

The Slovak Spectator asked companies in the sector about the tangible results of their work.

App Zvedavo was developed by Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia.App Zvedavo was developed by Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia. (Source: Facebook of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia)

What do people working at business service centres do? Representatives of the sector admit it is sometimes hard for them to translate the results of their work in a universal language.

The Slovak Spectator asked some major BSCs in Slovakia to give examples of some tangible results that impact people in Slovakia and elsewhere.

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Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia

This company has worked on several projects for the city of Košice. It developed an app called Zvedavo that helps children learn more about the surrounding nature. During nationwide Covid testing in Slovakia, the company designed an app for the city to facilitate test registration. Currently, BSCs in Košice is working on an app that will help with dog registration.

Henkel Slovensko

During the first months of the pandemic, master data teams of the Bratislava-based office helped bring disinfectant to the market in many countries, including Slovakia, in the shortest possible time frame despite huge uncertainty on the market.

DXC Technology

This company provides services to the state that modernise its operation. Through Data Integration, which extends the existing system of the Central Administration of Referential Data (CSRU), DXC is focused on the administration and exchange of information between public administration bodies through the connection of more than 60 public administration bodies and 800 integration sources.

Together with the Central Integration Platform, which provides new functions and methods for sharing information with the CSRU, and the Administration of Personal Data project, it provides tools to address GDPR concerns related to the administration and protection of people’s personal data.

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DXC Technology Slovakia also developed the CoDetect app that uses artificial intelligence in medicine as a tool for an analysis to detect inflammation and lung cancer. It enables end users, such as doctors or radiologists, to send CR CT scans for analyses and potential disease diagnoses. The very first model was used to detect pneumonia (in relation to Covid) and some specific types of cancer. The app is user-friendly and has only a few functions.

ING Business Shared Services B.V.

ING’s BSC has created innovative solutions that are used by retail and corporate clients all over the world on a daily basis. It provides worldwide services in several areas including Shared Operations, which involves guarding safe transactions, data, and relationships. Moreover, it serves as the back office, meaning it processes key transactions for customers related to payments, payment investigations and their accounts. It also helps guard ING from client money laundering, tax evasion or terrorist financing.

LafargeHolcim European Business Services

This company is a leader in robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. One of its most outstanding projects involved a collaboration between two robots to prepare and clear documents in the AR department for its largest partner. It also supports the management of its clients’ data when ordering cement and concrete in Europe and supports the digital applications through which customers process their orders. Moreover, it provides accounting support to its sister company LafargeHolcim France, which is building the Grand Paris Express project for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Dell Technologies

The Enterprise Business Intelligence global organisation is building a world class Data Services Centre of Excellence in Bratislava. An automated, intelligent fraud recognition system is being developed by this centre’s experts that would be able to import, analyse, process and highlight any discrepancies or red flags on hundreds of thousands of invoices delivered by partners and suppliers to the Dell Technologies ecosystem. This could generate millions of USD in savings per year.

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