Tries and failures: Šíp

The mountains are our teacher, they teach us endurance, patience, and humility. For some mountains we just should wait.

On the way to the Šíp mountain.On the way to the Šíp mountain. (Source: VaGa)

“There is more than half a meter snow at the top, and the path is not beaten. I decided not to continue,” said one hiker we met while trekking up the Šíp mountain above Stankovany village.

“Are you sure you want to go there?,” he worriedly added.

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At moments like this we look at each other, but there no need to speak. We know what the other is thinking. Now is the right moment to do it!

We often are asked these kinds of questions: “Aren't you afraid to hike alone in the mountains? Just you two women?” or “Isn't it too demanding for you?”

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Hell no! We are not afraid!

And no, it is not too demanding. A little blood and a little mud are good for your soul.

On this day, we decided to continue and hike up to Šíp, snow be damned.

But we didn't make it. We were forced back, we retreated just shy of the summit.

Because of bad snow conditions.

We didn't reach Klin nor Flochová either.

The mountains are our teacher, they teach us endurance, patience, and humility.

And for some mountains we just should wait. The present moment can happen also little bit later.

Admire the wild beauty

Šíp is an epic and rocky, 1,170 m high mountain.

It stretches above Stankovany village in northern Slovakia, in the Liptov region. And if it turns its face to the sun, it shades a part of the Veľká Fatra mountains and the amazing nature of this region.

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A 6 km hike up through the needle-leaved forest with an elevation of 830 m brings you to the summit. And there, in front of the big wooden cross, you will take a deep breath and admire the wild beauty of the Veľká Fatra mountain range, the lonely deforested Stoh, the monumental Mount Rozsutec, and even of the High and Lower Tatras. And if you look down, you will see how the Váh, the longest Slovak river, shakes its hands with the Orava River. You will see the sunrays reflecting off the surface so intensively, that you will have to close your eyes for a while.

You will continue to Zadný Šíp mountain, the right side of the massif's two peaks. You will pass many clefts and caves until you reach the picturesque Podšíp village.

And here, among the old wooden houses, the wind will whispers stories about families that lived here 200 years ago.

At this place you will sense this sleepy atmosphere of times, gone by, lost to the ages.

Sometimes, walking is enough

We didn't reach the summit of Šíp.

But we tried.

If we hadn't, we would have never known what is was like.

People always feel regret about things which they wanted to do and didn't.

Not for things they didn't want to do and did.

Some decisions may need time, but more of them not. It is better to just go.

And if you are not successful, just try it again.

Maybe these failures drive us forward.

Each attempt starts with curiosity and passion.

And ends with success.

Or failure.

Tries could be like unsaid words. But they aren't.

Without them we would never reach the goal.

And we are not forced to run.

Sometimes, walking is enough.

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