Slovaks offer educational platform to Ukrainian teachers and pupils

They can connect with their classmates and teachers even if they are in various countries.

Illustrative stock photoIllustrative stock photo (Source: Unsplash)

To allow Ukrainian teachers and classmates to stay in touch, the Slovak company Soficreo translated its educational platform Teemea into Ukrainian and is offering it to all Ukrainians fleeing from the war.

Slovaks developed the education platform during Covid, when some pupils had to be in quarantine, so they could communicate with their classroom online. Now, they are inviting Ukrainians to establish their classrooms in the online environment.

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“They can stay in touch with their classmates and with their schools anywhere in Europe they go,” Pavol Riška, CEO of Soficreo, told The Slovak Spectator.

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The first online lesson took place on March 1 thanks to several Ukrainian teachers who started organising themselves on the platform.

Riška explained that once on the platform, it is entirely up to the teacher how they will organise their classes. The company provides the platform and IT support.

Classes online

He is aware that children maybe do not need to study maths or history so much at the moment, but to have space to share their feelings and receive support.

Riška added that capacity is not limited and as a Red Cross volunteer he tries to spread the word about educational opportunities, so even people at the border hotspots will receive information on where their children can participate.

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He said that all Ukrainians can participate, no matter where they have found a safe haven.

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There will also be educational materials the teachers have already uploaded, which pupils will have on their phones or laptops, and they can open them any time they want.

The company launched a registration website where an interested person can decide on whether to apply as a teacher, psychologist or child. Parents can register for their children.

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