First two Slovaks officially ask to join army in Ukraine

No permission has been granted.

Ukrainian soldiers drive on an armored military vehicle in the outskirts of Kyiv.Ukrainian soldiers drive on an armored military vehicle in the outskirts of Kyiv. (Source: AP/SITA)

Dozens of people from Slovakia have inquired about the possibility of helping Ukrainians in their fight against Ukraine by joining the foreign army.

In addition, two have already submitted an official request, which needs to undergo a quite lengthy approval process and, in the end, needs to be approved by President Zuzana Čaputová.

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“The district authorities in Slovakia have registered two applications to serve in the army in Ukraine,” the Interior Ministry confirmed for the news website.

It is not clear whether these two will actually participate in battles, since the process is lengthy and difficult, and its result is uncertain, the website pointed out.

Slovaks inquire about possibility to fight in Ukraine. The permission process is difficult, though Read more 

People who join the foreign army without an official permission can be prosecuted.

No permission issued

People who want to join a foreign army or legion often address the President’s Office, since it is the president who has final say in their request.

As Čaputová’s spokesperson Martin Strižinec has confirmed, the number of inquiries about serving in the Ukrainian army have increased in the past few days.

“More than 65 people have addressed us,” he told They were given exact information about how to proceed.

Čaputová has not issued any decision concerning service in the Ukrainian army, he added.

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A volunteer who wants to join the army first needs to address the district authority. Subsequently, the request is assessed by the Interior Ministry, and then the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Eventually, the request is sent to the head of state, which can either approve or dismiss the request.

Yet, it takes quite some time to receive an answer.

“The administrative process involves several stages and it is long and very demanding,” Strižinec told the Sme daily in early March. “Our legislation is set up to discourage people from serving in a foreign army or legion, and it makes it impossible to issue permission in a short time.”

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