More than 30,000 jobs available for foreigners

Labour Ministry expects vacancies to grow in coming months.

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There are more than 32,000 job vacancies on the Slovak labour market suitable for foreigners, according to the Labour Ministry. Slovaks are not interested in these jobs, which require lower qualifications or do not involve potential problems with language barriers, the ministry said.

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The ministry added that the number of summer seasonal job vacancies will soon increase to approximately 60,000 and in six months a total of around 92,000 positions could be filled by foreigners.

“[Foreigners] can be employed as operators and fitters of machinery and equipment, auxiliary and unqualified workers, for cleaning, as assistants in warehouses, auxiliary workers in production and also as workers in services and trades, cooks, carers, and waiters,” Labour Minister Milan Krajniak said, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

Helping the Slovak economy

The Minister said the employment of refugees from Ukraine will significantly reduce the potential negative impact on public finances posed by unemployed refugees relying on the state. Given that foreigners may not earn less than a Slovak citizen, there is an objective assumption that foreigners are not an obstacle to wage growth, he added.

Due to the arrival of workers from third countries, Slovaks will not have their labour costs reduced, since foreigners mainly hold jobs that Slovaks are not interested in, or for which there is a shortage of labour on the market.

Job seekers can go to Služ, which is also available in Ukrainian, to contact employees directly.

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A new website has been set up for Ukrainians who want to work either in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, or Poland. brings together all verified job ads suitable for Ukrainians from Slovak, Czech, and Polish web portals.

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In February, the registered unemployment rate in Slovakia fell by a tenth of a percentage point month-on-month to 6.86 percent, according to data from the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and the Family.

“Filling vacancies will help the Slovak economy,” the press department of the Labour Ministry said.

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