Good news for people vaccinated abroad: Everybody will receive the EU green pass

People entitled for the certificate will have to fill in some documents and send them to a special email address.

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The problem with registering a vaccination against Covid carried out abroad seems to be finally solved.

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The National Health Information Centre (NCZI), responsible for the registration system for vaccination against coronavirus and issuing certificates, has announced that everybody, even those not jabbed in Slovakia, will receive the EU Digital Covid Certificate (or EU green card), from April.

“The NCZI has responded to the request of the Health Ministry and solved the problem that bothered thousands of Slovaks living and working abroad and foreign nationals living and working in Slovakia,” said its head, Peter Lukáč.

How it will work

The certificate can now be given to everybody who has been fully vaccinated or has received the booster, and has been administered one of the vaccines recognised by Slovakia and/or approved by the European Medicines Agency, i.e. the vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca, Novavax, as well as Sputnik V.

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The eligible persons will have to send the following documents to the new email address, set up especially for people vaccinated abroad:

  • Good Faith Declaration – signed and scanned;
  • Information Chart – signed and scanned;
  • certificates of previous vaccinations.

The necessary documents as well as instructions for requesting the EU green card can be found on the website. After downloading the documents, people should fill in and sign the forms, then scan and send them via the email.

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After submitting the documents, people will receive a text message with the Covid-19 pass, i.e. a nine-figure code containing numbers, letters and dashes, which is inevitable for obtaining the EU green pass. They can then ask for the certificate here (Slovak only).

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