Expert recommendations to enjoy a Covid-free Easter

The epidemic situation in Slovakia is improving but it is still necessary to be careful.

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The upcoming Easter holidays will be different than the previous two years. Most of the anti-pandemic measures have been dropped, though wearing respirators inside and isolation of positive cases remain in place.

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The epidemic situation in the country is gradually improving and a considerable number of citizens have been vaccinated, which increases the rate of protection from infection, the Public Health Authority (ÚVZ) said.

“It does not mean, however, that Covid does not pose a threat for our society,” chief hygienist Ján Mikas said. “Unvaccinated people especially, if uncareful, still risk that they will need to seek medical aid or that their condition will require hospitalisation.”

Therefor, the ÚVZ published recommendations on how to spend the holidays safely. They claim that completely vaccinated families and groups of people have a better outlook for a peaceful Easter.

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Besides vaccination, tips for an epidemiologically-safe Easter are as follows:

  • Wear a respirator indoors, at places where groups gather, at work meetings taking place before family visits, at religious mass events (indoors and outdoors) and also upon returning to your work team after the holidays. Wear a respirator properly also when travelling to visit family when on public transport, such as buses or trains.
  • Use the possibility of being outdoors during visits and free-time activities. If the weather or another situation does not permit being outdoors, air the room often and make sure that you do not gather in a room without airflow.
  • If you are about to meet people of higher age, the chronically-ill, pregnant women or other people prone to infection and serious development of the disease, try to avoid visiting risky places before visiting – especially those places where a larger number of people spend a long time together without respirators. It is appropriate to use a self-test before visiting.
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