Foreign workers returning to Slovakia

Their number increased by 3,200 in March, the latest data show.

A worker stands by a packaging line in the Mlyn Kolárovo mill on April 4, 2022.A worker stands by a packaging line in the Mlyn Kolárovo mill on April 4, 2022. (Source: TASR)

Ukrainians remain the largest group of foreign workers, and their number even increased last month.

In March, 22,600 Ukrainians were working in Slovakia. This is an increase of 2,900 people, the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (ÚPSVaR) said.

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As many as 72,600 foreigners had a job in the country, the authority added. This number also jumped last month compared to February, by 3,200 workers.

EU workers mostly represented by Romanians

Serbians are the second most represented group among foreign workers in Slovakia. However, their number decreased by 31 in March, to 9,300 people.

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As for EU workers, Romanians top the statistics. The ÚPSVaR stated that 7,200 Romanians were employed in Slovakia last month, followed by people from the Czech Republic and Hungary.

There were 6,100 Czechs and 5,200 Hungarians working in the country.

Bratislava remains on top

Nothing has changed as to the city with the highest concentration of foreign workers. Three out of ten foreigners in Slovakia work in Bratislava. The data show that up to 22,900 foreigners work in five Bratislava boroughs.

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Trnava is also a favoured city for work but the number of foreign workers there is significantly lower, despite its proximity to Bratislava. In March, 4,900 foreigners worked in this regional capital.

Another town next to the Slovak capital, Malacky, was home to 1,700 foreigner workers last month, the authority noted.

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Conversely, a labour office in the Medzilaborce district, eastern Slovakia, is aware of only 15 foreign workers in its area.

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