Increase in solar energy use by Slovaks

The energy is least used in Bratislava.

Stock image.Stock image. (Source: TASR)

The number of solar energy consumers is increasing in Slovakia. As a source of heating it is used by people in 1,225 flats, representing a share of 0.05 percent. In 2011 the share was just 0.03 percent.

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This stems from the Population and Housing Census 2021.

In the lead is the district of Gelnica with 43 flats using the renewable energy for heating. The municipality of Veľká Ves nad Ipľom, in the Poltár district, had the largest share of all municipalities in terms of using solar energy for heating flats. Almost 15 percent of all apartments in the village were heated by the green energy.

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As far as regions are concerned, the Žilina region is in the lead with 258 flats in total. Solar energy is on the rise in the Trnava region, where 176 flats-a share of 0.07 percent-are heated in this way.

The Banská Bystrica Region and Trenčín region follow, with 154 and 143 flats respectively heated by the sun. In both cases the share is 0.06 percent of all flats.

However, solar energy is least used in the Bratislava region, in which 120 flats are solar heated, representing only a 0.03 percent share.

The demand for green electricity among Slovak households is increasing from year to year. ZSE Energia, the largest household electricity supplier in Slovakia controlling a market share of almost 40 percent, saw a strong increase in interest in 100 percent green electricity last year.

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At the end of 2022, the first phase of construction of the largest solar plant in Slovakia is set to begin. It should be built in the village of Jaslovské Bohunice in the Trnava Region. Planned by the semi-state Jadrová Energetická Spoločnosť Slovenska (JESS) company, the new solar park is expected to cost €60 million.

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