News digest: Slovak ice hockey team coach nervous before every game

Legendary cafeteria might be replaced by flats. Slovakia is home to a new mineral. Learn more in today's digest.

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Good evening. Here is the Thursday, May 12 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

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Legendary cafeteria might be replaced by flats

Only a few restaurant businesses in Bratislava can be called immortal. Jedáleň u Orbána (Orbán’s Canteen) is one of them.

In a way, it offers a trip back to the times of communism. People eating at the small restaurant accept its “old-fashionedness” and praise its authenticity.

However, the future of this food facility is uncertain. A new real estate project, which involves the construction of flats, could take the place of the small restaurant on Malý Trh Street. A total of 17 flats are to be built from the second floor upward. A luxurious flat with a terrace and a green area should be constructed on the sixth floor.

The project also involves the revitalisation of Malý Trh. The street should form a more significant part of the public space. At the moment the restaurant is still open as the owner has not received any document leading to the termination of the lease.

Craig Ramsay: I'm always nervous before a game

In an interview with Sme daily, the Canadian coach of the Slovak ice hockey team admitted that he is always nervous before an event. Shortly before the 2022 tournament begins, he assures us that his boys will try hard.

"I want to do my best and I want the team to do their best. We have put a lot of effort and time in trying to pick the team, give them direction," the coach said.

Craig Ramsay also shared his opinions regarding Slovak players' opponents in a group that some fans and experts call easy compared to teams they faced last year; touched on differences between the new team and the one that won the bronze medals at the Olympics; as well as the 20th anniversary of Slovakia winning the gold at the 2002 tournament in Gothenburg.

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"It was a tremendous accomplishment for the players from years ago and they should be very proud." You can read the whole interview here.

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Refugees from Ukraine

  • 1,580 women, 764 men and 448 children crossed the Slovak-Ukrainian border on May 11. The overall number of refugees who have come to Slovakia since the war started is almost 416,000 and more than 75,000 have asked for temporary protection.

  • The city of Kežmarok introduced an information guide to help Ukrainian people. The person can be found in the city town hall in the first contact office.

  • The waiting time at the Ubľa border crossing, Snina district in the direction of Ukraine, is currently 168 hours. The reason is that vehicles bought by Ukrainians in EU countries and used to travel to Ukraine can be processed only at this crossing.

Picture of the day

Today, scientists released the first ever image of a supermassive black hole in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy called Sagittarius A*. Up to now, we have only had indirect evidence of its presence.

The picture was captured by an array of eight linked radio observatories all over the world. We cannot see the black hole itself, but we can see glowing gas: the ring-like structure around it.

Feature story of the day

European Minerals Day is observed on May 12. For a long time Slovakia trailed behind the rest of the world in pursuit of new minerals. However, this is slowly beginning to change. In just the last five years Slovak scientists have discovered and described five new minerals.

The latest addition is called argentopolybasite, announced at the beginning of April 2022. The mineral is of particular interest, because it does not contain copper. According to current knowledge about the group the mineral belongs in, its occurrence in nature should not be possible. Yet here it is.

Speaking to the Slovak Spectator, geologist Martin Števko talked not only about the newest mineral, but about recent discoveries as well, some notable past finds in Slovakia, even why some minerals have such convoluted names.

Slovakia is home to a newly identified mineral Read more 

In other news

  • In a post on social media, PM Eduard Heger expressed support for Finland joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In his opinion, the decision will not only strengthen the security of Finland, but also democratic Europe as well.
  • Speaking on the Braňo Závodský Live radio programme, Sme Rodina chair Boris Kollár admitted that three or four MPs could join the party caucus. Currently, the party caucus consists of 17 MPs. However, he did not specify the names of the MPs that could join them. It is rumoured that former Ordinary People and Independent Personalities MPs Katarína Hatráková and Romana Tabak could join the caucus. Both were kicked out after a failed vote on whether Robert Fico's pre-trial custody should be allowed.
  • Meteorologists recorded the first summer day in Slovakia. The temperature was higher than 25°Celsius in multiple locations for the first time.
  • On the mountain above the village of Malužiná in the Low Tatras, Lidl discount chain employees gathered to help foresters with the planting of trees. This morning they planted 9,000 trees, breaking the 2019 record by 500 young plants.
  • A police officer was shot during a training at the Lešť military training centre. The wounded man was immediately taken to the hospital and operated on. He is in stable condition. No more details were provided.
  • Poprad-Tatry Airport has seen above-average interest in flights for the upcoming summer season. Compared to last year, the current plan is for 50 charter flights. The number may not be final. The airport is trying to establish a charter line between Tel-Aviv and Poprad and renew the Poprad-Riga line.
  • The tombstone remains of Jewish inhabitants in Prievidza were discovered by workers during field work. The tombstones probably come from the second half of the 19th century. According to historian Erik Kližan this could be the find of the century for Prievidza.
  • From May 16, the state-run passenger carrier ZSSK is going to temporarily suspend two fast trains, one from Žilina to Košice and the other in the opposite direction. The reason is that the carrier needs to save money. Both lines will be restored on December 10.

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