Towns and municipalities enter strike alert

ZMOS talks about nationwide strike.

Slovak flag symbolically lowered in protest in front of an administration office in Bratislava.Slovak flag symbolically lowered in protest in front of an administration office in Bratislava. (Source: TASR)

On Thursday, the Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia (ZMOS) went on strike alert.

Municipalities and towns were called upon to suspend or limit communication with the state administration, to ensure that their competencies are carried out during the period covered by state subsidies, or to symbolically lower flags in front their offices.

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The reason for doing so is the current proposal from the Finance Ministry to cut their budgets so as to receive money for anti-inflation aid for families, but as well the long-term approach of the state to local governments.

As part of the strike alert, municipalities and towns should purposefully inform the public about the socio-economic impacts on local self-government. The communication should also be suspended or limited over a necessary period of time.

"Until the government shows its willingness to negotiate constructively on the challenges and requirements adopted in the resolution of the 32nd assembly of ZMOS," said Michal Kaliňák from ZMOS, as quoted by TASR newswire.

He also confirmed that the association will prepare a nationwide strike and, in case their demands are not met by June 30, it will be declared.

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ZMOS was shown support from the Union of Towns in Slovakia (ÚMS) and SK8 - the Association of Self-governing Regions.

In the coming days, the ÚMS plans to ask President Zuzana Čaputová for help. At the meeting, he wants to ask her to side with the local governments and help protect town and municipalities from being destroyed by the state.

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The Finance Ministry opposes the claims of the local self-governments about reducing their revenues after introducing measures intended to help families during rising prices.

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