First step: Rokoš

Rokoš is like a stranger, a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered.

(Source: VaGa)

We had this idea.

This challenge.

Two years ago.

And it was to conquer all the highest mountains in Slovakia.

For real? Maybe.

We did a part of it. The other part lay, waiting, outside our windows.

All these goals and challenges!

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Hiking the highest mountains, boating the longest rivers, rafting the wildest of them.

And running our fastest.

And winning the highest amount of segments on online apps.

Our goals changed into battles.

And into picking the MOST and BEST experiences.

And yet, smaller goals might also be interesting.

And smaller mountains.

Like Rokoš mountain, located in the southern part of the Strážovské vrchy mountains.

As we hiked to the 1,010 m high Rokoš, in the middle of summer, it was very hot.

And the temperature increased with every meter climbed.

We were reminded of a day we spent in Montenegro.

It was a steamy 35 degrees C at the seaside.

So we decided to cool ourselves in the Lovćen National Park in Montenegro.

There, 25 degrees awaited us. And it was amazing!

But back to Rokoš.

This summer day was really glorious.

The sunrays reflected on the surface of the Nitrianske Rudno water reservoir, a hot spot for enthusiastic local fishermen and swimmers.

We hiked up from there.

To Rokoš.

It is impossible to explain, but sometimes seemingly easy mountains are the most demanding. We don´t know why. But it is true.

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We hiked through the mixed pine and oak forest.

And just when we thought “we are here”, the next hill appeared.

And this happened several times.

Until we found ourselves on a small ridge.

Here, the sun was even stronger, backing the pines, making them intensely fragrant.

And as it is sometimes with smells, were transported back to that day in Montenegro.

Rokoš is like a stranger, a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered.

The nature here is unique and wild. The steep slopes are home to rare species. In the deep bushes, lynx and bears hide. Noble orchids grow here as well. And above all of this, colorful butterflies stretch their small wings.

It is a virgin part of the Strážovské vrchy mountains.

Each peak has its magic and secrets.

Some are very demanding, some less.

Rokoš is demanding, especially in the summer.

And it has no views from the top! Imagine!

But near the summit, an observatory rock is located. Here can you admire panoramic views of Nitrianske Rudno, Predný Rokoš, Vtáčnik, and even Veľká Fatra mountains.

The Strážovské vrchy mountains are higher than the Small Carpathians or Považský Inovec.

Here, the leafy trees meet conifer.

The forests are deep. But also a never-ending green like the forests of the Tribeč mountains.

And they fragrant. Like the forests of the High Tatras.

You can be alone here.

Just you and your thoughts and goals.

As we stood at the start of our first half marathon, we had only one goal: to finish.

And to run across the finish line.

Not walk.


And we did it.

Since then we have run many half marathons.

The first small goal became a part of a larger one.

Because each journey starts with a single step.

And each hike too.

The hikes in the Alps are very demanding. And you know it.

But would you expect demanding hikes in the Strážovské vrchy mountains, where the highest mountain is only 1,213 m high?

No way!

But they are.

Also this small mountain range can be a challenge for you.

Its beauty is unexpected.

It is like a diamond in the rough.

And here you can prepare yourself for bigger hikes.

Here your small goals can change into greater ones.

And you can start on Rokoš.

Exactly here, in the silence, you can stop for a while to see everything brighter.

VaGa Agency is an incoming company concentrating on active, adventure, cycling, and sport tours in Slovakia, in the unique, authentic and safe country, far away from mass tourism; offers undiscovered and amazing places, tailored-made solutions and very professional individual guiding. For more information please visit: and

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