Slovak student-made electric car off for a race in France

A team from Trnava is representing Slovakia at an international competition of young innovators.

Students from Trnava with their electric car. Students from Trnava with their electric car. (Source: ML)

After two pandemic years, students from Trnava’s secondary school of transport (SPŠD) are set to attend a race in the French town of Nogare.

With the electric car that they constructed, they will take part in the 2022 Shell-Eco marathon, taking place between July 3 and July 6. This is a competition in economic driving for electric cars – more kilometers for less energy.

The students will try to tackle the 200-km mark for a kilowatt-hour, exceeding their last attempts with 176 km for a kilowatt-hour, the SITA newswire reported.

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They believe that they can succeed with their newer model, weighing 40 kg less than their previous ones, said team captain and a driver Nela Štefaničová, a fresh graduate from the secondary school.

The team consists of eight students under the supervision of a teacher. They believe that an international achievement could motivate other technically gifted students to attend their school and help improve the future of electronics.

The marathon is a part of the Make the Future festival, dedicated to innovation and challenging the possibilities of ecomobility, especially ecomobility in towns. About 40 student projects are part of this year’s cycle, both from high schools and universities.

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