News digest: Stability or Matovič. PM Heger must choose

Bratislava airport one of the best in the region. The OFZ manufacturer lays off dozens of workers.

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SaS gives ultimatum to PM Heger

Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽaNO) will have to choose between Finance Minister and OĽaNO leader Igor Matovič or the SaS party, one of four coalition parties.

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Its chair Richard Sulík said on July 6 that the party will no longer adhere to the coalition deal, threatening to leave the coalition government if Matovič remains part of it after the summer holidays.

Matovič has repeatedly attacked Sulík and his party, which is still criticising the finance minister for drafting and passing a "family" package worth €1.2 billion.

On July 6, the OĽaNO party addressed its coalition partner in a letter (before the SaS' decision), saying that Matovič will not be going anywhere from the government.

Sme Rodina: Boris Kollár, who leads the coalition party Sme Rodina, said his party will not intervene in the SaS-OĽaNO conflict. "They started it, they must end it," Kollár said, noting that the party would also support a snap election.

Za Ľudí: Veronika Remišová, chair of the smallest coalition party Za Ľudí, said her party will do anything to make the coalition government of four parties work. Just like the OĽaNO and SaS parties, Za Ľudí says Smer chair Robert Fico and Hlas chair Peter Pellegrini cannot take over the country again.

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  • Beatrix Ricziová has become a new judge of the General Court of the EU for Slovakia. The country has not been able to fill the post since 2016.
  • Finance Minister Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) has been named the "Homophobe of the Year". Former PM Robert Fico of the Smer party came second.
  • The third unit of the Mochovce nuclear power plant is ready for commissioning. The Slovenské Elektrárne company is awaiting the second-instance decision of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority to start loading nuclear fuel.
  • An EP committee delegation is coming to eastern Slovakia to evaluate the use of cohesion funds for better integration of Roma and assistance to refugees. The trip will take place next week.
  • Slovakia lacks 400 general practitioners for adults and 223 paediatricians, the Health Ministry said. About 2,500 nurses are needed at hospitals in eastern Slovakia, the Sme daily wrote.
  • Those interested in vaccination against Covid-19 with the Spikevax vaccine from Moderna can register for the first dose until July 10 and for a booster dose until August 8.
  • Antonino Vadala, an Italian businessman about whom the murdered journalist Ján Kuciak had written, has been spotted in eastern Slovakia, the Sme daily wrote. In Italy, Vadala was sentenced for smuggling cocaine and later released. He is still being investigated. In Slovakia, he has been investigated for corruption.

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