Travel to the Middle Ages in central Slovakia

Considerable interest in stays inside fully equipped period tents, built in historical areas.

(Source: OOCR Stredné Slovensko)

Period tents with comfortable beds, the clothing people wore in the Middle Ages, drinking from a Viking horn, even a chainmail shirt with a helmet and sword: all part of a unique experience that people can currently find in the area of Vodný Hrad Castle in Hronsek.

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Last year's event at Pustý Hrad Castle, the Royal Wedding, confirmed that there is a special interest in this type of attraction.

The Slovakia travel guide offers you a helping hand in the heart of Europe. The Slovakia travel guide offers you a helping hand in the heart of Europe.

As part of the event, for the first time they tried to offer visitors a day like in the Middle Ages complete with an overnight stay in a historical tent on the castle grounds, said Jiří Pěč, executive director of the Regional Organization of Tourism (OOCR) Central Slovakia.

To enhance the offer, they bought four large period tents with ample equipment.

"They have comfortable beds, period clothes, metal cutlery for eating or a Viking drinking horn. For those who would like to dive deeper into the Middle Ages, there is a chainmail shirt with a helmet and a sword on offer," Pěč said.

Visitors will have the chance to learn how people used to make fire, or try throwing a spear or an axe.

The tents are currently erected in the area of ​​Vodný Hrad Castle in Hronsek, which has changed significantly over the past quarter of a century. However, the rare tent town should not only be set up in Hronsek.

According to the director of OOCR Central Slovakia, the plan is to move it to places with current events, such as Forgotten Crafts at Zvolen Castle, Hronsekanie in the park of the Hronsek Manor or the aforementioned Royal Wedding at Pustý Hrad.

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"Outside the events, the tents will be placed at a selected location in central Slovakia, where they will enhance the historical atmosphere and essentially be an added value for the given location.

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Booking to be available soon

According to the information provided by Zuzana Jóbová, destination marketing specialist of KOCR Turistický Novohrad a Podpoľanie, those interested can book accommodation in the tents through a website, to be launched at the beginning of August. Further information can be found at

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