A Slovak flatbread called Hrušovský lepník earns EC trademark

The yeasted flatbread/pie is produced in the Banská Bystrica region.

Traditional baking of a pie called Hrušovský lepník.Traditional baking of a pie called Hrušovský lepník. (Source: TASR)

Slovakia has a new addititon to its list of protected regional specialties. The European Commission approved a flatbread called Hrušovský lepník be worthy of the label protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications (PGI).

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Hrušovský lepník is something between a yeasted flatbread and a pie: it is round or semicircle in shape with a diameter of 25 to 35 centimetres and is prepared from a yeast potato dough, which can be filled or topped and then baked in a stone oven.

It is produced in the Banská Bystrica region.

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There are many different types of Hrušovský lepník, as it can be savoury and stuffed with garlic or sauerkraut, sweet and stuffed with jam, or topped with a mixture of cheese curds and potatoes.

During preparation, the dough and filling are made exclusively manually. Together with being baked in a stove oven, these attributes contribute to the characteristic aroma and taste.

According to the European Commission, the flatbread will be added to the 1,588 already protected agricultural products from other EU member countries and 27 previously protected products from Slovakia.

In 2022, Slovakia submitted an application for the registration of a PGI for honey from Bardejov and Tokaj wine from the Slovak part of the whole historical region that is located in southeastern Slovakia and northeastern Hungary.

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