Exhibition shows birth of art in Slovakia

Fourth year of the event dedicated to Venus of Moravany.

Moravany manor houseMoravany manor house (Source: Sme - Marko Erd)

An exhibition inspired by archaeological discoveries and showing the birth of art in Slovakia is being held at the historical Moravany manor house in Moravany nad Vahom near the western-Slovak spa town of Piešťany.

Named 'Ground Zero', the exhibition includes one of the oldest sculptures found in the country.

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The Venus of Moravany is made of mammoth tusk ivory and dates back to 22,800 BC. The sculpture, as well as bones and hand axes, confirms the presence of early humans in the region. Mammoth bones and hunters’ tools were discovered in a nearby settlement.

The exhibition focuses on the earliest art in Slovakia and the life of Paleolithic humans. It includes artefacts lent by the Imrich Winter Balneological Museum in Piešťany from regional and European archaeological sites.

With archaeology and paleontology as the main topic, about 50 artists from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Finland and Thailand came together with their creations. Visitors can see a metaphorical timeline of passage of time from youngest to oldest artists.

The exhibition is open on Friday afternoons and during weekends until September 18.

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