Weekend: Juraj Slafkovský, a new NHL hope, lists things to do in Košice

Get your own bucket list before you start exploring the Košice Region.

Košice Region bucket list is what you need

Have you always wanted to visit some spectacular places in the Košice Region, but you could not decide on where to go?

A local tourism organisation, Košice Región Turizmus, came up with bucket lists that will help you, a hesitating tourist, make a fun itinerary. With one click, you can get a list “tailored for you”.

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If you are quiet, recommendations for you will most likely include a hike to the Ondrejisko hill in Slovak Paradise National Park with a bench and splendid views of three different regions or a walk to the Senianske Rybníky ponds, a nature reserve, where you can watch birds.

However, if you like collecting strange things, you will be sent out to Cottage Volovec to try “drienkovica”, a strong drink, or watch a “whale” on the lake shore in the town of Beňatina.

There is a special bucket list named after Juraj Slafkovský, a young ice-hockey talent from Košice recently drafted from the first place overall by Montreal Canadiens, which includes a party on a boat from the town of Viničky beyond the Hungarian border, exploring food from food trucks in Košice’s Park Anička, or walking to “Slafkovský Štít”, a 359 m hilltop in Červený Breh Bike Park.

One more travel idea:

  • In the Rajec Valley, not far away from the city of Žilina, you can swim in several spa pools and try different procedures, hike the Kľak peak, or explore wooden houses painted in white-coloured patterns.

Off to the Moon

In Revúca, dubbed the town of literature with the Gemer region, visitors can encounter the statues of characters that people may know from old Slovak folk tales.

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While three statues were installed in the town several months ago, three new statues-characters created by Branislav Sviežený have stood in the town centre for just a few days.

Laktibrada, a short old man with a long beard from the eponymous story, which writer and collector of fairytales Pavol Dobšinský obtained from people, stands on the square, outside a local pub. Popolvár - a man, filthy but brave and good-hearted,who saves a princess, is another character that visitors can take a picture with. Krutohlav with a balloon, a character from “Hviezdoveda” (“Star-Science”), an 1856 sci-fi book written by Gustáv Reuss, is the last member of the group of fairytale characters.

In the book, Krutohlav flies to the Moon from a local hill called Kohút (Rooster), 1,409 m, which is a nice trip if you do not insist on many splendid views.

Other news

  • BIRD: A bird species from southern Europe – never seen in Slovakia - nests in Malá Fatra National Park, central Slovakia.

  • DISPLAY: The earliest art in Slovakia and works by 50 artists from different countries are on display in Moravany nad Váhom, near the spa town of Piešťany.

  • FOOD: Hrušovský Lepník, a flatbread made south of central Slovakia, is officially trademarked by the EU. Liptovské Droby, sausages from the north of central Slovakia, earned an EC trademark last year.

In Mongolia, it’s important to be part of a strong community

Jana Žilková, the ambitious Slovak from Košice, decided to take on the challenge of charity work and is now based in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar.

“I’ve spent four years here already, and I’m seeing the changes happening in real time,” she told The Slovak Spectator.

At the same time, Žilková adds that one cannot go into charity work with a saviour syndrome: “We’re not here to save anybody. We’re here to help.”

Mongolia, a country severely affected by climate change, has some things in common with Slovakia – though the shared characteristics are not necessarily good ones.

Before you go, pick your top weekend event in Slovakia

  • Bratislava will relive the old coronation days.

  • In Terchová, a town where the Slovak national hero and highwayman, Jánošík, was born, hosts a popular folk festival known as Jánošíkove Dni. Local folk music is featured on a UNESCO heritage list. From the town, you can also set out on several hikes, including to a local lookout tower or explore the breathtaking Jánošíkove Diery trails.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend! - Peter

Do you have any tips? You can reach Peter at peter.dlhopolec@spectator.sk

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