Bojnice Castle: Romanticised Middle Ages and the Pálffy rebuild

Visitors to top attraction can choose between two tours of its history.

(Source: TASR)

Visitors can now choose how they see one of Slovakia's top attractions after the Slovak National Museum (SNM) - Múzeum Bojnice started offering two different tours of Bojnice Castle.

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The Slovakia travel guide offers you a helping hand in the heart of Europe. The Slovakia travel guide offers you a helping hand in the heart of Europe.

"The Bojnice Museum currently offers visitors two ways to see Bojnice Castle. We have opened two new tours: one is called the Pálffy circuit, the other is the Huňady circuit," the PR manager of the museum, Petra Gordíková, told the TASR newswire.

According to her, these are more or less equivalent circuits in terms of content and length. "The Pálffy circuit primarily focuses on the rebuilding [of the castle], and visitors can learn about this, who Count Pálffy was, and why he decided to rebuild the castle. Part of the circuit, which is on the lower floors, includes, for example, the count's apartment, the castle suite, and visitors can also see the Pálffy family tomb and the natural travertine cave," she explained.

The Huňady circuit, on the other hand, is focused on a romanticised idea of ​​the Middle Ages. "Visitors will learn who the Huňady and Korvín families were, and they will primarily visit the upper parts of the castle, take a tour of the Middle Castle and the Huňady tract," added Gordíková.

Visitors can also access a new virtual guide to the castle - - which provides information about the castle's exhibits, its history, interesting facts, legends and "little things" connected to the monument, she said.

"This is a guide to the castle which visitors can use via a tablet or their mobile phone with both text and images. Visitors can also switch it to an audio version and listen to narrated stories. The audio version will make the tour easier even for the elderly and the visually impaired," Gordíková said.

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The guide can be accessed by scanning a QR code or NFC chip on individual exhibits.

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" is a replacement for the original information plaques we had for the exhibition and, in part, lecturers. But, although in a limited form, classic guided tours are returning to Bojnický Castle, and visitors can choose to take them at predetermined times," Gordíková added.

Guided tours are only for a limited group of visitors.

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