News digest: EU-wide ban on Russians and Slovakia

Slovak economy continues to grow. A Ukrainian mother shares her experience with Slovakia.

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Good evening. The Tuesday, August 16 edition of Today in Slovakia is ready with the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

EU considers banning all Russians

In light of several EU member states' efforts to completely ban Russian citizens from entering the European Union, Russia's invasion of Ukraine being the reason, the question is what side Slovakia stands on.

Today, the country approves tourist visas only for Russians who visit their relatives living in Slovakia or study at Slovak universities. Russian athletes get their visas approved as well.

In March, Slovakia abolished the visa-free regime for people who hold Russian diplomatic passports.

You can read more stories on the war in Ukraine on here.

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  • REFUGEES: Large-capacity centres that have helped Ukrainian refugees are gradually closing.
  • TOURISM: Swiss trams could appear on the tracks in central Slovakia within months.
  • ECONOMY: The Statistics Office has published its flash estimate on the country's GDP.


A Ukrainian mother that wants to go home

Anastasiia Kasian, a Ukrainian refugee, mother of two, tells the story of her escape to Slovakia and the six months she has lived here so far.

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  • In September, schools will receive money for students from Ukraine. This support will be covered by the EU. Funds will be allocated according to the number of children from Ukraine reported by schools at the end of the month.
  • People, including foreigners, who want to run in the municipal or regional elections have to submit their candidacy letter by August 30 to the nearest electoral commissions.
  • Republika MPs want to initiate a no-confidence vote against Finance Minister Igor Matovič.
  • 11,317 people over the age of 50 have already been vaccinated with the fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid-19.
  • Although general negative attitudes towards migrants persist among Slovaks, their views on migration and asylum policy have softened after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, a Slovak Academy of Sciences survey shows.
  • The year-on-year value of inflation rose to 13.6 percent in July 2022, month-on-month inflation increased by 0.8 percent, the Statistics Office said.
  • All three health insurance companies in Slovakia (VšZP, Dôvera, Union) were at a loss at the end of June. The results of their management has been published by the Health Care Surveillance Authority. Their solvency is ensured.

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