Ponitrie Region: all set for summer getaway

A travel tip only one hour drive from the capital.

Nitra CastleNitra Castle (Source: NOCR)

Do you want to enjoy part of the summer in Slovakia but have not chosen a location or it feels like you have already visited all the well known places in the country? We have a tip for you - only one hour drive from the capital lies the Ponitrie Region where you can find desired relaxation, discover historically significant places and visit various local attractions. Welcome to the Ponitrie Region with joy!


It is said that the most beautiful view of the country is from the top of high hills. Although the hills in the Ponitrie Region are not among the highest, they are a great place for a tourist trip suitable for an entire family. Zoborske vrchy offer a number of tourist trails, educational nature trail, Svorads’ Cave and Svorads’ Spring. If you love history and hiking at the same time, this is the place to be. The educational nature trail has 27 stops and the total length of its route is less than 15 kilometers. The main scenic viewpoint of Zobor is called the Pyramid and offers a view of the entire city and its surroundings. If you are lucky and the weather conditions are favourable, you will see the peaks of the Austrian Alps, which are two hundreds kilometers away.

Vinobus (Winebus)

The Ponitrie Region is the perfect destination for all wine lovers as it is home to several famous wineries. Víno TAJNA, Víno Uhlár – Pivnica Tesáre, Château Topolčianky, Terra Wylak, Vinárstvo Radošina or PD Mojmírovce are just some of them. If you want to spend a pleasant evening with friends enjoying wine, exchange your local wine shop for a wine tasting at the local winery. Vinobus provides a comfortable ride from the Nitra Bus Station to the local wineries. Good company, local specialties and live music guarantee a pleasant experience. You can find the next Vinobus dates and buy an online ticket at www.visitnitra.sk.

The Arboretum Tesarske Mlyňany

The arboretum in Tesarske Mlyňany is one of the largest and most beautiful in Central Europe. There are more than 2300 species of trees from all over the world. The extensive area of the forest park is divided into several parts. You will find departments dedicated to different areas, for example Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Himalayan or North American. In addition to the trees, you can also admire the beautiful flower beds in the arboretum.

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Bison menagerie

In the Tribeč Mountains, approximately ten kilometers from Topoľčianky, there is the protected area of the Zubria zvernica, the only facility specialised in the breeding of bisons in Slovakia. Zubor (Bison bonasus bonasus), a close relative of the American bison and the African buffalo, is the largest animal in Europe. In Slovakia, it became extinct in the wild a long time ago and was on the verge of extinction even on a global scale. A circular education trail with nine stops leads around the nature reserve, which introduces visitors to the European bison, its way of life and the history of bison breeding in Topoľčianky. The trail is two and half kilometers long, has only a minimal elevation and can be completed in approximately one hour.


Nitra is the oldest city in Slovakia, a city of extraordinary historical importance with many beautiful monuments and interesting locations such as Nitra Castle, Calvary, Synagogue and Zobor. The first mentions of the city date back to 830, when it became a political, economic and cultural centre. Today, Nitra is the fifth-largest Slovak city and the centre of the Ponitrie Region, perfect for a summer getaway. You can get to know it on foot or bike as free guided city tours are available throughout the summer. The dates of the city tours are available at www.nitra.eu.

City Park Sihot

The beautiful city park of Sihot, which boasts an admirable area of twenty hectares, is an extremely popular place for spending time with the many residents of Nitra, especially in the summer. The park is located right next to the historic center and boasts excellent facilities and infrastructure. Here you will find bike paths, an in-line track, children’s playgrounds, a farmyard with animals, a romantic wooden bridge, two lakes, buffets, restaurant and swimming pool with a beautiful view of the castle. In the summer, various concerts and Nitra Cultural Summer events are held here.

Bee kingdom

Are you curious about what a beekeepers’ work looks like and want to experience personally? Come to visit the bee farms and learn about the fascinating life of bees. In the Ponitrie Region you will find several bee farms. Close to Nitra Castle in the city centre there is an experiental honey store. It offers bee observations, lectures on bee products, honey tasting, making of wax candles and taking of photos in beekeeping clothing. Reservations can be made at www.visitnitra.eu.

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The bee farm in Choča where the craft has been mastered for four generations is proud of the production of internationally acclaimed honey. Children will love the giant insect hotel and the museum with bee accessories. On this experiential visit one can come as close as possible to the bees. More on www.medovyobchod.sk.

The Kotrusz bee farm in Nitra offers a bee house, called the API House. It is a natural house with beehives built directly into its structure. No worries as bees cannot get into the house and hurt visitors. However, bees are part of the experience as four beehives are placed inside the bed on which visitors can rest. In order to feel the beneficial effects on the body, it is recommended to spend about two hours in the API House. In the meantime, the rest of the family can join one of the beekeeping courses and enjoy this ideal place for a family trip.

This campaign was supported by the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic. More at www.slovakia.travel.sk.

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