New eco centre in Stupava invites visitors

Visitors will learn about the life of bees, taste honey, raw products, also make candles.

(Source: Courtesy of Bratislava Region)

A new eco centre opened in the western-Slovak town of Stupava. The goal of the centre is to increase environmental awareness among visitors, especially to protect precious territory and endangered species of fauna and flora. For now, it will operate on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and it is intended for all age groups, announced Bratislava Region spokesperson Lucia Forman.

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Visitors will learn many interesting things about the centre, its functioning, the life of bees, taste honey, raw products, make candles and participate in other interesting workshops and discussions. For example, they will discover that the Morava River represents the joint exceptional natural phenomenon of Austria and Slovakia; and that the current unfavourable state of several rare natural locations and the lack of management measures has resulted in the constant reduction of rare habitats and endangered species.

Project activities include the revitalisation and management of 50 ha of terrestrial and aquatic habitats, as well as the strengthening of environmental education associated with nature tourism. In addition, 4 eco centres will be established to strengthen future cross-border cooperation and conscious care for the natural wealth of the Morava River area.

With the help of environmental education, visitors will be informed about the natural values and care for this cross-border territory, and the acceptability of measures for its protection will increase.

"Our priority is to protect the health of residents, the environment and natural resources, to increase the environmental awareness of the general public in order to preserve local natural wealth, and maintain a quality environment for future generations," said Juraj Droba, governor of the Bratislava Region.

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