News digest: Measures against high energy prices to arrive soon

How to apply for state subsidies to renovate your property. Learn more in today's digest.

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Good evening. Here is the Thursday, September 20 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

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Measures against high energy prices to arrive soon

While the prices of electricity and natural gas are increasing for both households and businesses in Slovakia, it is still unclear how high prices will rise and how generous the state's helping hand will be.

The government has indicated that there will be help for households, schools, hospitals, and other public entities. A separate scheme should be designed for businesses.

The cabinet will deal with the measures on Wednesday; afterwards parliament will discuss them under a fast-track procedure.

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Feature story for today

From mid-October, owners of older single-family homes can apply for state subsidies to renovate their property. The Slovak Environment Agency is launching the first two recovery plan bids, worth a total of €30 million.

The money is divided into two schemes of €15 million each.

When applying for the first bid, what needs to be submitted? How much of the costs will be reimbursed? What is the deadline for submitting the application? This article answers the most important questions.

How to apply for money for house restoration? (Q&A) Read more 

Picture of the day

Installation of a nest box for the Saker falcon on a transmission tower between the towns of Štúrovo and Nové Zámky.

In other news

  • Parliament has moved the constitutional amendment to shorten the election period either by a referendum or constitutional law to a second reading. Of 147 MPs present, 97 voted for it. The proposal was submitted by Sme Rodina, one of the coalition parties.
  • The Strong Cohesion 2022 military drills have started in the Lešť training area, central Slovakia. The goal is assess whether units from the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, the United States, and Slovakia are ready to fulfil their assignment in defence of the country. The NATO group was created following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read more about the commander of the group here.
  • The Slovak Academy of Sciences awarded two foreign scientist the International SAS Prize. Mathematician Yang Quan Chen from the University of California received the award in the field of technical sciences. Neuroscientist and oncologist Michel Salzet from the University of Lille in France was in the field of natural sciences.
  • From Tuesday, citizens over the age of 12 and who have been vaccinated can sign up for vaccination with the fourth dose, adapted to the new omicron variant of the coronavirus. The form can be found following this link. The autumn wave of coronavirus pandemic is expected to be milder in comparison to previous ones.
  • Interior Minister Roman Mikulec remains in office. Only 58 MPs out of 145 present voted for no confidence. The vote was once again initiated by the opposition party Smer.
  • Compared to the last year, around 30 percent fewer Slovaks visited the High Tatras during summer. This year, they preferred to spend their holidays in foreign countries. However, tourists from abroad, mainly from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland have returned, with 70 percent more in comparison to previous summer. Discover the most visited places in the High Tatras here.
  • The Finance Ministry is dealing with university requests for help with increasing energy prices. So far, the ministry has made €30 million available to help regional schools with prices. Speaking at Matej Bel University at the beginning of a new academic year, PM Eduard Heger assured on Tuesday that schools and universities will not have to close due to energy prices. Find out how you can save money by reducing energy consumption.

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