Bratislava's now-traditional Dobrý Trh opens in the capital on Saturday

There will be a special zone dedicated to meeting foreigners living in the city.

Good Market in Bratislava.Good Market in Bratislava. (Source: TASR)

A passionate group of people from local shops, organisations and neighborhoods are presenting the next Dobrý Trh (Good Market) to the Bratislava's streets this Saturday.

The event, aimed at promoting community spirit as well as small businesses, original design, books and more, is taking place for the 11th time.

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Besides products, visitors will enjoy experiences and appreciate art installations, concerts, workshops, and a program for kids.

Dobrý Trh will open for visitors on September 24 between 10:00 and 17:00 at Jakubovo Square, Panenská Street, and the Old Market Hall.

Fusion of communities

As part of the programme, the festival [fjúžn] is getting its own zone in a garden dedicated to bringing people from different cultures together, overcoming their differences via personal stories and relationships.

The zone will also offer an intercultural gastronomic experience. Visitors can taste foreign meals and snacks in the [fjúžn] zone, presenting meals from many cultures. There will be workshops, exhibitions, music and discussions with foreigners.

How Dobrý trh came to be

Working with [fjúžn] and the local authorities, the organisers of the market, which has now become a traditional event in the capital, aim to create a strong community. Dobrý Trh is reviving the urban public space, supporting small producers and quality domestic products, as well as the products of diverse ethnic cultures.

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Illah Van Oijen, a well-known photographer in Bratislava, and Barbara Zavarská, head of the non-profit organisation Punkt, organised the first market in 2011. All the events that followed helped to cultivate a sustainable lifestyle in Bratislava, helping revive the areas where they are held, becoming a place for people to meet.

“The original idea of the Good Market was to show that urban structure is viable and that it's important to go shopping in the city instead of shopping malls, and enjoy public urban space,” Zavarská stated.

They work with smaller companies and provide space to startup brands with the potential for further development, along with the ability to function professionally and sustainably in the long-term, said Van Oijen.

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