News digest: Should Ukraine or Russia win the war?

Slovak honey protected by the EU, Czechia extends controls at the border with Slovakia.

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Slovaks' change of heart about the war in Ukraine

A new Globsec poll has found that Slovaks want Ukraine to win the war which Russia fanned on February 24.

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The results have been published by Globsec, a Bratislava-based think-tank, less than a month after the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) released the findings of its own poll from July that claimed the opposite.

Globsec has learnt that 47 percent of 1,009 respondents wished for Ukraine's victory in late September 2022 compared to 19 percent supporting Russia.

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  • Disinformation: Slovak authorities no longer have any power to block disinformation websites.
  • Tatras: More than 100 kilos of rubbish were pulled out of four lakes in the Tatras last week.
  • EU: Honey from eastern Slovakia has been given protected status by the EU.

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Find in Slovak cave rewrites Late Palaeolithic history of the country

Until now, it had been thought the western European Magdalenian culture was widespread in Spain, France, and subsequently other parts of Europe, including Switzerland, Austria, Bohemia, and Poland, but did not cross the Carpathians.

However, the new findings in a cave in northern Slovakia say otherwise.

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  • The Czech Republic will extend temporary border controls with Slovakia by 20 days, until October 28.
  • The salaries of health workers in hospitals and related facilities will increase from January. Parliament approved a change that increases the salaries of 25 health professions on Wednesday. Starting in January, their salaries will increase from 6.9 to 45.8 percent. Even after the increase, their real salaries will remain lower than in the Czech Republic. (Denník N)
  • Slovakia has fulfilled all conditions to apply for the second payment of €815 million from the recovery plan, PM Eduard Heger announced. Slovakia submitted its request for the first payment in April 2022.
  • By the end of the year, one million vaccines adapted to Omicron will arrive in Slovakia, said Health Minister Vladimír Lengvarský. In addition, Slovakia has contracted another 5 million vaccines.
  • Police President Štefan Hamran said he would like to send Slovak police officers to the Hungarian-Serbian border to help fight illegal migration, but he admitted that the Slovak police are understaffed.
  • Slovakia will submit to the European Commission its own vision of how solidarity commitments in migration should be fulfilled, the government said. (SITA)
  • The new NATO multinational battle group in Slovakia is operational after a recent integration training, the alliance announced. (TASR)
  • The Bratislava tourism organisation Bratislava Tourist Board launched the video campaign 'Bratislava Is Also My City' in cooperation with the Slovak National Theatre on Wednesday.

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