Hate-fueled rhetoric leads to hate-fueled violence

Joint statement by diplomatic missions.

(Source: FB Public Defender of Rights)

As international partners of Slovakia, we were appalled by the October 12 shootings in Bratislava, which appear to have specifically targeted the LGBTQI+ community. Such acts of hatred are unacceptable. Our thoughts are first with the victims and their families. Our thoughts are also with the LGBTQI+ community in Slovakia who face hatred because of who they are or who they love. Hate-fueled rhetoric leads to hate-fueled violence and has no place in any country. Support for and protection of the human rights of all persons are among the shared values that unite us and upon which our democratic societies draw strength.

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Embassy of Australia
Embassy of Austria
Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium
Embassy of Canada
Embassy of the Czech Republic
Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia
European Parliament Liaison Office in Slovakia
Embassy of Finland
General Delegation of Flanders
Ambassade de France en Slovaquie
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Embassy of Ireland
Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Slovak Republic
New Zealand Embassy
Royal Norwegian Embassy
Embassy of Portugal
Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain
Embassy of Sweden
Embassy of Switzerland
Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Embassy of the United States of America

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