Most regional governors re-elected for another term

The first joint regional and municipal elections are over, residents of Slovak towns and villages have elected their mayors, regional governors, and councillors.

Bratislava Regional Governor Juraj Droba was re-elected for the second term. Bratislava Regional Governor Juraj Droba was re-elected for the second term. (Source: Sme - Jozef Jakubco)

Most regional governors will continue in their posts after the regional elections that were held in Slovakia on Saturday.

The preliminary results of the elections of regional governors, as released by the Statistics Office, show that Juraj Droba will continue as regional govenor in Bratislava Region, Jozef Viskupič will be the Trnava regional governor for the second consecutive term, Jaroslav Baška will continue in Trenčín Region, Erika Jurinová will be the Žilina regional governor and Rastislav Trnka will be the regional governor in Košice Region.

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Ondrej Lunter will be the regional governor in Banská Bystrica. He will take over after his father, who served as regional governor in the past term after defeating the previous governor.

Milan Majerský remains the regional governor in Prešov Region.

Nitra Region is the only one where the incumbent governor failed to get re-elected. Milan Belica, who has been regional governor in Nitra since 2001, will be replaced in the post by Branislav Becík, who ran with the support of Hlas and Sme Rodina parties.

For the first time, municipal and regional elections were held on the same day in Slovakia, on October 29, 2022.

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The election day was shorter than usual, until 20:00 instead of 22:00, which was the closing time for polling stations in elections in the past. Moreover, concerns over low turnout were magnified by the timing of the elections: they took place in the middle of autumn school holidays, when people in Slovakia typically travel to visit their families and thus might not be in the place of their permanent residence.

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The Statistics Office released the results of the regional governor elections first. The results of the municipal elections weren't released before 23:00 on Saturday.

You can view the detailed municipal and regional election results for your municipality here.

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