Bratislava ready for snow

Tons of deicing substances, including more environmentally friendly ones, along with 90 workers are prepared to act in case of icy or snowy weather.

Bratislave gets prepared for winter weatre.Bratislave gets prepared for winter weatre. (Source: Courtesy of Bratislava)

The city of Bratislava declares that it is ready for the first possible snow, reminding the public that the city prepares for winter all year round.

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“During the year, we apply non-slip surfaces and more adhesive surfaces for critical road sections. We install sensors that will provide up-to-date weather data conditions as well as the condition of roads to coordinators. We are preparing a winter operational plan as well as provide important details such as inert sprinkling material for hilly sections, quality winter tires for the public transport company DPB,” said the city.

Its municipal company, Komunálny Podnik Bratislavy (KPB), has prepared 1,800 tonnes of salt for deicing roads and pavements, 400 tonnes of more environmentally-friendly Solmag, and 30 tonnes of zeolite to be used, for example, in parks in case of icy weather. Winter maintenance will be provided by 90 KMB workers in three shifts throughout the week. They will have 10 dumpers of deicing substance for road maintenance in the boroughs of Ružinov, Nové Mesto, Rača, Vajnory, Podunajské Biskupice and Vrakuňa, 14 multicars for sidewalks and three multicars for roads.

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