As prices rise, purchasing the right office is essential

Own space at a good address.


As realty and energy prices rise, it can seem risky to invest in office space. On the contrary, now is exactly the time to make sure your business has the right office space, so that you aren’t spending money uselessly. A new borough in Bratislava is now providing an exciting opportunity with mixed living and working spaces, which provides a host of benefits.


The ZWIRN Office allows business owners and their employees to both live and work in the same area, thus saving money and time by not commuting. Housing, work spaces, services, and relaxation opportunities are all close by, increasing the quality of life for residents and employees.

A great example of how mixed neighbourhoods – in which businesspeople live and also enterprise – can excel is Vienna. It received the award for the best place to live also thanks to the fact that for the past 100 years, it has been turning former industrial complexes into mixed boroughs. A model borough is Sonnwendviertel, which combines 5,500 flats for 13,000 inhabitants with 20,000 jobs on thirty hectares. The Vienna city council supports the emergence of permanent local services for inhabitants from fellow residents because they have seen how well it works.


The Bratislava-based project ZWIRN has the same philosophy, combining housing, backyards for children to safely play, public spaces, services and job opportunities close to the Old Town. In ZWIRN, there are two office buildings: the national cultural monument Spinning Mill/ Pradiareň 1900 with rooms for rent, and ZWIRN OFFICE at the conjunction of the Svätoplukova, Košická and Mlynské nivy streets, in which firms can buy their own spaces.

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“Owners of smaller firms who want to have office in an excellent locality, while also close to their home, can buy their own good-quality premises. Thus, they can live and work in one borough. This is a type of investment in one’s own business, the advantages of which are confirmed by many foreign projects,” said Michaela Ochmanová, MRICS, manager of the commercial department of the Finnish developer YIT.



Not only are there positive benefits for business owners and employees to live and work in the same area, but the business itself also benefits due to being in a mixed borough. Offices in such a locality profit from the constant movement of local residents, who also don’t want to travel far for services, and exposure to their visitors. ZWIRN in particular is close to the bus station with its shopping centre, and many city bus stops are nearby.


An investment into an office space grows in value over time, as any realty investment does. Companies also profit from double tax protection: a tax deduction on the investment itself as well as interests that can be included under expenses. Moreover, you’ll never get a cancellation of rent notice and have to move your business, with all the extra work and loss of business that that entails. And, as a cherry on top, the firm will be insulated from the growing price of rent.

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