News digest: What makes a foreigner stay in Slovakia

The Warhol museum has a problem, events in Bratislava, and more expensive water.

Good evening. Here is the Thursday, January 19 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

Patients' hunt for doctors

The phenomenon of stray patients became more pronounced after Christmas, when several doctors closed their offices due to high energy bills and an increase in nurses' salaries.

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Health insurance companies say that hundreds of patients turn to them every year to help them find a doctor.

Finding a doctor is especially difficult in rural areas. Specialists are especially hard to find.

"The situation is getting worse and it will get worse," says Naďa Trenčanská Bedušová, executive director of the Association of Outpatient Providers.

Learn more about HEALTH CARE in Slovakia from our reporting.

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Englishman's plan to move to Slovakia for six weeks changed to forever

Almost 30 years after his arrival, Hugo Green shares his views of Slovakia and why he decided to stay.

In a few lines:

  • The Justice Ministry has announced the readiness of a proposal helping unmarried couples, including same-sex couples, tackle some life events. The couples will have to visit a notary to sign and register a contract dealing with specific events such as access to health information or inheritance. Former justice minister Mária Kolíková (SaS) has criticised the proposal, saying that it is too late to offer partial solutions to same-sex couples and the country should adopt same-sex legislation. LGBT+ organisations are critical of the proposal as well.
  • The National Blood Donation Service runs its website in English. Are you considering donating blood for the first time? Here's a bit of encouragement from our colleague Roman Cuprik.
  • Barcelona has been awarded the title of European Capital of Democracy for 2023-2024. Helfried Carl spoke about the initiative with The Slovak Spectator last November.
  • On this day 30 years ago, Slovakia became the 180th member of the UN. Read the country's application.
  • In Bratislava's Petržalka borough, they plan to launch additional regulated parking zones this year. The Bratislava Parking Assistant (PAAS) should be extended to the Dvory V, VI neighbourhoods, in the area bound by Rusovská Cesta, Einsteinova and Panónska Cesta, and in the Hájov area in the vicinity of Šusteková Street. PAAS was launched last year.


  • The Mountain Rescue Service warns hikers that avalanche danger is considerable. Most of the new snow has fallen in the Low Tatras and the eastern part of the High Tatras.
  • Several mountain passes have been shut down for lorries. Follow road weather forecasting in Slovakia to see if the roads are icy, snowy or wet.
  • Check the weather forecast for Friday. Slovakia's meteorological office has issued black ice warnings for the whole country. It also warns against snowdrifts in the north and in some parts of eastern Slovakia. Hydrological warnings are in place in several regions of central and eastern Slovakia.

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