Weekend: A Slovak artist's song wins a UK award

CNN's story about Bratislava, a plan to create another national park, and top 10 events in Bratislava.

The Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce, eastern Slovakia.The Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce, eastern Slovakia. (Source: TASR - František Iván)

A new national park will be like no other

Slovakia may declare an area alongside the river Danube as a national park.

The country's State Nature Conservation has been commissioned by the Environment Ministry to prepare a project that should serve as a proposal for the government to declare the Podunajsko (Danubia) area the country's tenth national park.

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Of all the neighbouring countries, Slovakia is the only one that does not yet protect the area around the river Danube.

If declared, Podunajsko, an area of floodplain forests and a source of drinking water, will be Slovakia's only lowland national park.

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Hoping to boost regional tourism, Podunajsko should be officially crowned with the title of the tenth national park by March 2024.

Other travel news:

SKIING: Skiers can enjoy ideal snow conditions across the country. More snow has allowed for more resorts to reopen. The season has just started in Fačkovské Sedlo (Žilina Region), Podbanské (Prešov Region) and Renčišov-Búče (Prešov Region) to name a few.

WALK: Visit a calvary that connects Lisková and Martinček in the Liptov region. A panoramic view is guaranteed.

Explore Slovakia with the Spectacular Slovakia travel guides. Just pick the one you need for your trip.

U.F.O. above Bratislava continues to excite

Otherworldly aesthetics and one of the boldest architectural projects behind the Iron Curtain. A harmony between the Habsburg era and the post-soviet legacy. Masterpieces and reminders of the past. That's how Miquel Ros, a travel journalist for CNN, describes Bratislava, one of Europe's youngest capital cities.

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In a guidebook-like story, the writer presents Bratislava's iconic architectural pieces. Its sci-fi leitmotif seems to catch attention the most. The U.F.O, titled the symbol of Bratislava, rises to the sky above the river Danube. The iconic construction higher than the Statue of Liberty is for visitors a place where they can grab a meal or a drink while enjoying stunning views of the city.

The U.F.O is not Bratislava's only otherworldly structure. Ros also notices Medzi Jarkami, a tucked away residential district with a flying-saucer monument.

  • What to do in Bratislava: SCANDI, a showcase of contemporary Nordic films, takes place in the capital. See Top 10 events in Bratislava for more.

The only Warhol art museum in Europe flooded

Parts of the Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce, eastern Slovakia, suffer from water and snow damage. With a leaky roof, it was a matter of time before a thick layer of snow on top of the building found its way in.

The museum had to be closed for more than three weeks. Dozens of visitors from Slovakia and neighbouring countries had to be turned back just after arriving in the town.

Many works of art are now in a depository.


  • Made in Czechoslovakia

A series of photographs titled "Made in Czechoslovakia" are on display in Prague. After February 15, you can also see the exhibition in Bratislava. Slovakia and the Czech Republic mark 30 years since they split up and became independent states.

  • Mycelium-inspired exhibition

An art piece, mycelium study and a social commentary. Bratislava's Nová Cvernovka, a cultural and creative centre, will wrap up the Myceliumhub display on Saturday, January 28. The exhibition is described as an attempt to popularise the relationship between gastronomy and mycology along with the connection between science and arts.



  • A bit of archaeology for the weekend

Interested in archaeology? Visit the Slovak National Museum and its exhibition on the Celtic People from Bratislava. Recently, archaeologists in the Trnava Region have found a precious spear point.

The display proposes a retrospective insight into a soul filled with emptiness and silence. Dedicated to using only three colours, the exhibition shows symbolism in spirituality. You can see the display in Košice.

The exhibition explores sacral perceptions in modern arts. The title of the exhibition is taken from the opera Don Carlos by Giuseppe Verdi, in which the figure of the monk reminds people that the turbulence of the world persists even in the temple and in holy places – peace cannot be found anywhere else but in heaven. Head to Košice's Tabačka Kulturfabrik to see the display.


For this American, podcasting became a way to make foreigners in Slovakia visible

Isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic made a Trenčín-based American, Jeremy Hill, launch a podcast about and for foreigners living in Slovakia, but also for Slovaks.

A Slovak wins a UK songwriting contest

With the song "Devil In Disguise", the Slovak artist Gigi Ann has come first in the under-18s category in a British songwriting contest.

Gigi Ann is the daughter of Hugo Green, a Briton who came to Slovakia in 1994.

That's it for this week. Have a restful weekend. - Mária

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