Weekend: First Slovak movie to portray queer couple airs

Hike up to the calavary, learn more about love and get ready to watch the comet.

Actress Vica Kerekes portrays chambermaid Liza in the film "Slúžka" (Chambermaid).Actress Vica Kerekes portrays chambermaid Liza in the film "Slúžka" (Chambermaid). (Source: Facebook/Film Slúžka/Igor Stančík)

Cirque du Soleil returns to Slovakia

More than seven million people have enjoyed Cirque du Soleil’s performance Ovo. The Slovak audience now gets a chance to experience the act too. Cirque du Soleil scored with their last performance Corteo here; this time, Cirque du Soleil focuses on the flourishing beauty of biodiversity, according to their press releases. Visitors will be able to appreciate fauna and flora in movement.d

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TICKETS: You can catch Cirque du Soleil in Bratislava, Tipos Arena.

New Slovak movie taps into queerness

“Slúžka” [Maid] is the first Slovak title to focus on a queer relationship between two women.

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The new Slovak movie “Slúžka” portrays a relationship between two women set in a historical period and hardships around the first world war. Growing from a friendship sprouting at a young age, the movie further explores growth into queer love in relationships.

Women did not have voting rights yet. Even though the kingdom of Austria-Hungary was on a brink of collapse, aristocracy still prevails and gets into conflict with common folk. That is where the two heroines meet. The movie portrays a young maid and a rich girl during their lifetimes with their changing and evolving relationship.

The director of the movie Mariana Čengel Solčanská is mostly known for movies inspired by real events on the political scene in Slovakia, with movies such as “Sviňa” [Swine] and “Únos” [Kidnapping]. The movie’s premiere in Slovakia was on February 2, the global premiere was during the Estonian festival Black Nights Tallinn.

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Take a peek into the first moments of the movie through Štefan Štec and Fallgrapp's song "Verba", which features the scenes from Slúžka.



Photo of the week

Astrophotographer Petr Horálek managed to capture the “Green Comet” just above High Tatra’s Štrbské Pleso. The comet does not set at all these days; in the evening it can be found above the northern horizon in the constellation of the Dragon. The clearer the sky, the better the conditions.

Within Slovakia you can watch the Green Comet on clear nights from towns with binoculars and just by the naked eye outside of towns.

TIP: Watch the comet from Štrbské Pleso just like the astrophotography enthusiast did.

Calvary offers view over Liptov

A stations of the cross located in the Ružomberok district offers visitors a breath-taking panorama.

From east to west, from highlands to lowlands, one can see half of Slovakia uopn reaching the top. Starting near the natural monument of Liskovská Jaskyňa Cave, locals and tourists can hike up to reach the end of the path near Martinček. There, a chapel awaits.

During the hike, hikers come across several stops with religious significancy. Elders or anyone in need can catch a break on benches and enjoy nature around them. All ages are able to conquer the hill despite its steeper elevation.

After thirty minutes or so, the region of Liptov and great part of Slovakia lay below those at the top. Read more about this week’s travel tip to one of Ružomberok’s calvaries.


How to make a mixed relationship work

Looking for love in Slovakia as a foreigner is no simple matter.

Meeting your person in a new country and finding a common language can keep a single person busy. Learning the Slovak language gives many more opportunities, as it not only opens up possibilities but also slowly erases the barrier between them and locals. Foreigners often have to use translating apps to communicate. When dating, making the next step can be hard for some to imagine.

Learn more about foreigners’ experience in dating, marrying and divorcing in Slovakia in Jeremy Hill’s podcast.


  • TRAGIC PUPPET OPERA: A combination of opera, dinosaurs, people, and tragedy. Intrigued? Students of an alternative theatre head on a tour in Slovakia.
  • DANCE: Jozef Vaľo’s dance performance ties together the questions of coming out as queer and liking sports.
  • PARTY: Dance away the night under a disco ball at an avantgarde party. Enjoy the 80s, 90s and more in Žilina.

That's it for this week. Take care, and have a restful weekend!

Do you have any tips? You can reach Mária at maria.jurikova@spectator.sk

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