News digest: Former three-time interior minister charged again

First Slovak movie to portray queer couple airs, people feel aggressiveness is on the rise. Learn more in today's digest.

Good afternoon. Here is the Friday, February 3 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

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Kaliňák again facing charges

The National Crime Agency has charged Robert Kaliňák, a former three-time interior minister for the Smer party, and tycoon Jozef Brheľ, a person with close ties to Smer, with bribery.

The charges are related to the appointment of František Imrecze as head of the Financial Administration, Slovakia’s tax authority, in 2012.

Kaliňák reportedly told Imrecze to ask Brheľ to pay him extra money to match his previous salary. Before being appointed, Imrecze had worked in the private sector where he is said to have earned €280,000 a year.

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In other news

  • Weather for the weekend: Saturday will be cloudy, snowfall is expected in many places, with the highest temperature reaching 2°C. In western and southern Slovakia rain is expected below 700 metres with the highest temperature reaching 5°C. On Sunday, the weather will especially improve in south Slovakia as it will be mostly cloudy. North of the country will see snowfall. The highest temperature will be 2°C in most regions, except for Spiš, Kysuce, Liptov, Horehronie and Orava, where the highest daily temperature may reach -5°C. Monday will be cloudy.
  • The avalanche danger level in the Western and High Tatras has been increased to level four on the five-level international scale. In the last few days new snow has fallen. Mountain rescue does not recommend hiking. A level three warning applies to the Low Tatras, Malá Fatra and Veľká Fatra mountain ranges.
  • Comenius University produces high-quality research in social and natural sciences, as confirmed by an independent assessment of the quality of scientific outputs. The university produced almost a quarter of all global output of Slovak scientists, report university representatives.
  • Eurofunds for the extension of the tram line in Petržalka could be available in February. The capital is about to sign a contract for a financial contribution, the Transport Ministry announces.
  • Eight of Slovakia's fourteen European Parliament members called on the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee on Friday to oppose the decision of the International Olympic Committee, and speak out against the participation of Russia and Belarus in the 2024 Olympics.
  • Former National Crime Agency head, Branislav Zurian, has been charged again by the Interior Ministry's Internal Affairs Inspectorate over suspicions that he leaked information from the police. Zurian was previously accused of abusing the power of a public official and endangering a confidential and reserved fact.
  • The newly elected Czech President Petr Pavel assumes that he will come to Slovakia in the week after inauguration. He wants to fulfil his promise of the first country he visits being Slovakia. Moreover, Pavel would like to invite Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová to his inauguration.

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