News digest: School wants US teachers but they fear war in Ukraine

Tax offices' extended opening hours, major development in the Daniel Tupý murder case, and another Slovakia Matters edition.

Good evening. Here is the Tuesday, March 21 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

Today, the world marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

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Eight suspects arrested in the Tupý murder case

The National Crime Agency (NAKA) arrested eight people in the unsolved case of murdered student Daniel Tupý on March 21.

"We cannot provide more information at this point," said the police on March 21.

For 18 years, the murder case has remained open. Last year President Zuzana Čaputová called the case a "scar" on all society in Slovakia, because nobody has been punished to date.

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Hate crime: The My Žiar website writes about the murdered Roma teenager Mário Goral. He was burned alive by a group of young men, aged 15-26, on July 21, 1995, in Žiar Nad Hronom, a town in central Slovakia. On this day, skinheads from all over Slovakia met in the town. Sixteen men were tried in the Goral murder case. On August 2, 1995, then-chair of the Slovak National Party, Ján Slota, said that the attack on Goral could be blamed on the "high criminality of the Gypsies."

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Slovak Matters: Departures, even when drinking

Tom Nicholson's last Slovak Matters column was dedicated to saying hello; now we go over the last word, whether saying goodbye or taking the customary last shot.

In a few lines:

  • Tax offices will remain open longer on March 30-31. On the 30th, tax offices will close at 17:00. On the 31st, they will close at 18:00. The deadline for submitting an income tax return, March 31, is nearing.

  • The conditions for recognising the education of Ukrainian paediatricians in Slovakia will be simplified, said interim Health Minister and PM Eduard Heger (Demokrati).

  • Interim Education Minister Ján Hvorecký has withdrawn amendments to the Education Act from parliament, claiming that he wants to acquire wider support for the planned changes. The minister also claims that the delay in the adoption of the changes will not endanger money from the recovery plan. The changes are being criticised by Amnesty International. The organisation argues that these changes ignore bad-quality education for segregated Roma children.

  • The Agriculture Ministry has published the links that show which food products have a capped price following a decision by eight retailers.

  • Slovenská Pošta, the Slovak national postal services provider, has started to cooperate with Japanese experts. They should assist the provider in making its services and processes more efficient, the Japanese embassy in Slovakia said.

WEATHER FOR WEDNESDAY: Almost clear skies. Light wind. The highest daytime temperature will range from 13°C to 20°C. (SHMÚ)

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