No more buying tickets from bus drivers in Košice

Košice public transport undergoing big changes.

The public transport in Košice is undergoing changes.The public transport in Košice is undergoing changes. (Source: TASR)

From April 1, passengers of the Dopravný Podnik Mesta Košice public transport company cannot buy tickets from drivers. The reason is twofold: one being various other options for buying tickets, for example via vending machines, SMS or mobile applications; and secondly to increase the safety of drivers and prevent delays.

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The public transport company also introduced a so-called historic ticket, available for historic vehicles on special lines. A 24-hour ticket costs €5, while a single ticket is priced at €2. The price of discounted tickets will be half.

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Another new ticket is intended for visitors to cultural, sports and other events in the city, which allows them to travel to and from an event. When purchasing tickets for events, participants will choose whether they want to add a ticket for public transport.

It can also be purchased via mobile apps as well as a regular paper ticket. A 24-hour ticket costs €2.50, while a 6-hour one is sold at €1.50.

Among other changes introduced is the option to suspend the validity of a ticket within 15 seconds after activation. The activation time has also been decreased from 90 to 60 seconds.

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