Weekend: Prepare for Night of Museums and Galleries

Prepare for a weekend packed with museums, galleries and all the events connected to them. Get ready with us for May 12-14.

Peep into galleries and museums when the lights are out. Peep into galleries and museums when the lights are out. (Source: Smadišová, Stanislava, SME)

This weekend, tens of museums and galleries open their gates to curious visitors. Specifically curated events taking place during later afternoon hours, the evening or even at night grant the opportunity to enjoy favourite places in a unique manner. Find what suits you best with our guide to the event, taking place on May 13. The entry fees vary from free to €5.

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Bratislava Region

Relationships with the national gallery

The Slovak National Gallery is focusing this year’s Night of Museum and Galleries on the topic of relationships. Starting May 13, the gallery will host a set of events dedicated to unpacking relationships, channelling inner creativity, and touring the gallery during evening hours. Visitors will be able to appreciate architecture the whole day. The first event that is suitable for English speakers will take place in the Atrium, starting at 22:00. The dance performance “Connected” will bring Afro-American Street dance styles, funk and soul combined with the culture of Roma people. If you decide to tour the gallery on your own, the national gallery has its own app called Ester that will help you to navigate yourself and find exhibitions interesting to you.

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Here's where to find the national gallery.

Nedbalka Gallery open for Ukrainians, too

Bratislava is filled with galleries and museums, so visitors will have plenty of choices to choose from. Even the surrounding streets will be part of the program in some cases, like the Nedbalka Gallery. Visitors will not be able to miss the gallery building, as a row of decorative umbrellas will hang above the street leading to it. The gallery itself will be open from 13:00 and filled with activities for both kids and adults.

For Ukrainian speakers, Nedbalka Gallery will host a guided tour of the permanent exhibition during the evening, starting at 20:00.

Here’s where to find the Nedbalka Gallery.

Cars, cars, cars in the national museum

To get a taste from both galleries and museums, visitors will be able to tour the Slovak National Museum during the Night of Museums and Galleries as well. The main exhibition will focus on legendary models of cars through the eyes of artist Vladimír Lengyel, portraying iconic car brands. Along with the paintings, there will be a presentation of a Chevrolet Myster de Luxe, that will also later participate in a race of vintage cars. You will be able to find everything located in the SNM.

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Young racers will have the chance to participate in a kids-only event: a race of pedal cars will follow the main topic of automobilism from 17:00 to 21:00.

Here’s where to find the national museum.

Žilina Region

Home, sweet home

The Ružomberok branch of the Slovak National Gallery has its own events planned for the Nights of Museum and Galleries. The Ľudovít Fulla Gallery will launch an exhibition titled Home Sweet Home. The participative exhibition looks at what’s important for people. People from the local community, different professions, couples, and families all showcase what makes their own homes beautiful. You will be able to catch the event at 19:00, followed by a concert inspired by gypsy jazz.

Here's where to find the Fulla gallery.

Banská Bystrica Region

Forests, plants, woodworking

The Forestry and Woodworking Museum in Zvolen will also be part of the Night of the Museum and Galleries event, combining rest in nature with exciting activities. Starting at 16:00, kids will find a fun activity to do in the workshop Creative Garden, get their faces painted, be creative or even take a ride on a horse during a hippotherapy showcase. Adults can look forward to a concert starting at 21:00 followed by a night tour of the museum in a cosy night atmosphere.

Here's where to find the woodworking museum.

Košice Region

Košice and aviation

Just like Bratislava, the Košice region is filled with museums, galleries, and overall exciting places to visit. During the Night of Museums and Galleries, even places like Košice airport will be open for visitors to see. The Slovak Technical Museum administrates the Museum of Aviation in Košice. Aviation enthusiasts will see the reconstructed helicopter MI 8 for the first time along with the evolution of aviation after the year 1945, planes, gallery and more.

Here's where to find the aviation museum.

Löffler museum and a piece of Italy

A taste of the best from Italy, the pieces of sculpturer Vojtech Löffler, animation and even a concert. The Vojtech Löffler Museum in Košice will open for visitors and tie together old and new - the permanent exhibition and fresh new pieces. The highlight of the event will be the exhibition When She Draws…, a cooperative piece curated from artwork of four artists. Starting at 18:00, visitors will be able to enjoy a chamber concert as well.

Here's where to find the Löffler museum.

Eastern Slovakia Museum's mix

One of the best-known museums in Košice is the Eastern Slovakia Museum. Its program will appease mostly those with curated taste. Starting at 17:00, there will be a violin show, followed by the chariot of Emperor Francis cruising the streets. There will be exhibitions dedicated to propaganda, nomads, baroque art, pop-art and more.

Here’s where to find the Eastern Slovakia Museum.


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    That's it for this week. Take care, and have a restful weekend!

    Do you have any tips? You can reach Mária at maria.jurikova@spectator.sk

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