There’s a fine line between being a traveller and a holidaymaker

The idea of travelling while on an Erasmus exchange led to something much bigger for this young man – a passion for exploring the world and sharing it with other people.

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Milan Bardún (Milan Bez Mapy) and James Thomson at Spectator College discussion. Milan Bardún (Milan Bez Mapy) and James Thomson at Spectator College discussion. (Source: Ivana Adžić)

Milan Bardún, the man behind the online profile Milan Bez Mapy (Milan Without a Map), is one of the most famous travel bloggers and content creators in Slovakia. Milan started his blog Bez Mapy in 2013, sharing tips on how to travel on the cheap. But over the years, and facing burnout, he came up with a new idea. Milan Bez Mapy was born, the shoestring traveller was gone, and a vacationer came to life. He stopped talking about money, his posts became more relatable, and he started communicating how to enjoy the experience.

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"I like to joke that I haven't been on a holiday for 10 years because whenever I go somewhere, I just have this tension, this need to make content, to write, to make the most of the trip..." says Milan. "I'm on holiday when I'm back home in Bratislava."

By 2019 Bardún was getting the recognition he deserved, winning first place Superbloger in the category of Travel - the best social networks. Two years later he published his first book, Influencer – an ironic title, since he regards himself as more of a content creator than an influencer – and in 2022 he won first place in the Social Awards Slovakia.

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